13 Things Only Bird Owners Understand

13 Things Only Bird Owners Understand

Here we can see, “13 Things Only Bird Owners Understand”

Pet birds exhibit various qualities that we are all familiar with… and continue to be astonished by. They can fly, are pretty intelligent, and can be pretty amusing.

On the other hand, certain aspects of birds are truly understood only by bird owners. Some of those things are endearing (like the first time your bird leaps onto your shoulder), while others are simply revolting (all the faeces), but they all contribute to the joy of bird ownership.

Please continue reading to discover the secrets that only actual bird owners know and why our feathered companions are family.

You Get Pooped regularly—But You’re Unconcerned.

Show me someone unconcerned about being pooped on by a bird, and I will demonstrate a seasoned bird keeper. While most people would panic if a bird pooped on them, bird owners deal with misplaced poop daily. Shoulder poop? Allow me to blot it with a napkin. Is there poop on the shoe? It will easily wipe away.

You Take a Bath Alongside Your Bird

A daily shower is a private time for many people to prepare for the day ahead or reflect on the previous day’s events. This can most definitely not be stated of parrot owners.

Parrots adore being wet in water, so many owners bring them into the bathroom with them when they shower. Why would you want to waste time and water on a separate bird bath? Additionally, if you enjoy singing in the shower, having your bird nearby provides the ideal opportunity for a bathtime duet.

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Your Bird Consumes a Higher Quality of Food Than You

You’re going to consume whatever conventionally grown; mass-produced food is sold in the supermarket. However, when it comes to your bird’s fruits and vegetables, everything is homegrown, pesticide-free, and organic. You may even have a separate (read: off-limits) drawer dedicated to your bird’s food in your refrigerator.

You’d Rather Communicate with Your Bird Than with the Majority of Your Family Members.

There is no judgment here—it’s a well-known truth that many birds are more conversant than their distant relatives. Even if your bird only understands a few essential words or phrases, conversing with him is preferable to discussing politics with your great uncle or your love life with that strange second cousin.

A Bird Owner Is Aware That Their Birds Can Be Picky

Pet birds can be nosy and noisy. Many pet bird owners choose to take phone conversations in rooms apart from their birds — they do not wish to be interrupted!

Birds are interested, and they’ll zero in on whatever you’re saying during your chat, laughing at you, mimicking you, squawking, squealing, or crying out.

You Have a “Quiet Room,” Which Means Your Bird Is Not Allowed to Interrupt Phone Calls

If you’ve ever conducted a conference call from the confines of your kitchen pantry or bedroom closet, there’s a high chance you own a pet bird. Because some birds squawk, squeal, laugh, or mimic their owners while on the phone, many individuals have a “silent room” where they may accept phone calls in peace.

Your bird possesses more toys than the majority of children.

It’s a well-known fact that bird toys are not inexpensive. However, most bird owners do not second guess spending $15 on a toy that their bird will (inevitably) trash within a week. Who, after all, can resist purchasing a fun, colourful new toy for their feathered friends?!

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Essentially, Your Bird’s Cage Is a Palace

Your home is quite cosy. There is sufficient space for your family and friends, and you can accommodate a few overnight guests at a time—but nothing extravagant. Is it your bird’s cage? It’s completely customised with the most delicate powder-coated steel wire, east and west wings (ha-get it), and possibly even a little bird-sized leisure area or gym.

Your Bird Is the Center of Attention in the House

If you own a bird, you know how much she enjoys receiving attention. Oh, you’re hosting a dinner party for some friends? She’ll do a song and dance routine. Are you now conversing on the phone with an obnoxious customer service representative? Now appears to be an ideal time for her to scream exceptionally loudly. Are you attempting to exit the house and make your way to work? You’d be wise not to overlook showering her with attention for a few moments first.

Chewing By Your Bird Is Worse Than Chewing By Your Dog

While doggies receive the majority of the blame for excessive chewing, the reality is that your bird is just as terrible (if not worse!) than Fido. She’ll chew up and destroy anything she can get her tiny, little beak on, from furniture to clothing, shoes, and your children’s toys.

They Take Pleasure in Being Well-groomed

Additionally, bird owners are aware that you would almost certainly make a mint if you built a salon exclusively for pet birds.

Pet birds require a great deal of care and attention, including their look. They adore having their nails and feathers groomed by a professional veterinarian or groomer — it’s like a mini-spa session for them!

Naturally, you can groom your pet bird yourself as well. Bathing your bird is the first step in grooming it. It is preferable to bathe your pet bird with warm water and dish soap. After a beautiful, soothing bath, you can massage his feathers and then cut his nails. A lovely, cheerful bird – at your service!

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Your Bird Is a More Skilful Dancer Than You Are

It takes little to motivate a bird to boogey—music, television, or even humans conversing can inspire a bird to demonstrate his most excellent techniques. On the other side, what about you? To perform the Electric Slide at a distant relative’s wedding takes numerous strong drinks, hours of coaxing from your partner, and a great deal of courage.

There Is No Better Pet to Receive When You Return Home

Nothing beats greeting your feathery companion and spending time with her on your shoulder—even if it means getting pooped on.

User Questions

Do birds have feelings for their owners?

Due to their intelligence and desire to interact with humans, parrots can be extremely rewarding pets for the proper owners. Numerous parrots are incredibly loving, even cuddly with trustworthy individuals, and want frequent attention from their owners.

Can my pet bird comprehend what I’m saying?

A bird that is part of a flock (even a mixed-species flock in captivity) may or may not be interested in learning human speech or other human-related noises, as it already has natural compatriots with whom it can whistle call engage.

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Do birds take pleasure in yelling?

Any acknowledgement of the screaming, even a seemingly negative response, should be avoided when a bird shouts. “Screaming or loud vocalisation is a natural mode of communication for wild parrots and other birds in flock habitats.”

Why is my bird looking at me?

Birds also exhibit this behaviour when attempting to attract attention or wish to escape their cage. If this activity is accompanied by clicks and vocalisations, such as loud chattering, your bird is most likely trying to engage you in play and is vying for your attention.

Why are birds pecking at me?

Numerous birds can be aggressive toward their cage, play stand, or preferred person. If your bird has developed a territorial attitude toward her cage and attempts to bite you when you attempt to remove her, you may need to devote some time to training.


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