Alaska Rabbit

Alaska Rabbit

Here we can see, “Alaska Rabbit”

The Alaska Rabbit is a commercial rabbit breed that is outgoing but friendly. It’s a medium-sized breed that may weigh up to 9 pounds and gets along with other rabbits, animals, and older children. Despite its name, the Alaska Rabbit was developed in Germany to replicate the popular and velvety fur of the Alaskan Fox.

The Alaska Rabbit has an intense black coat with black guard hairs rather than the anticipated white guard hairs resulting from the failed endeavor. Despite this, the breed gained popularity because of its attractive appearance and pleasant demeanor.

Despite its name, the Alaska Rabbit is not native to the state of Alaska. A German rabbit judge named Max Gotha attempted to reproduce the Alaskan Fox’s pelt style: black fur with long white guard hair. Gotha crossed Champagne d’Argent, Dutch, Havana, and Himalayan rabbit breeds to achieve this. Despite his goal, the Alaska Rabbit developed a pure black pelt with small black guard hairs. Even though it wasn’t what he had in mind, Gotha recognized the breed’s beauty and left it alone without attempting to change the color or style of the fur. The Black Rex Rabbit would eventually be bred from this breed.

The Alaska breed was so beautiful that Gotha entered it in a rabbit show in the early twentieth century. It immediately gained popularity as a domestic breed, and Gotha introduced it to Canada and the United States. In the 1970s, it was designated as a breed.

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Unfortunately, the Alaska Rabbit was removed from the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) register in the 1980s due to the Black Havana Rabbit. Alaska is still recognized by several rabbit organizations, such as the British Rabbit Council, and breeders are working to have it recognized by ARBA once more.

The reasons for the breed’s early appeal haven’t changed. It still has a lovely black coat and is an active, cheerful, and easygoing rabbit that gets along well with its owners, family, and other rabbits. It can even coexist with other creatures.

User Questions

When it comes to Alaska Rabbits, how long do they live?

7 – 10 years

What is the size of an Alaska Rabbit?


18 – 20 inches


3175 – 4082 grams

What colors are Alaska Rabbit?


Harlequin rabbit is what color?

Part black or another color (no silvering) and part white or orange is the typical Harlequin (the brighter, the better). It should have an even distribution of both colors, with the head ideally having a half-and-half coloration. The color orange is known as a Japanese color.

What Is the Price of Alaska Rabbits?

Despite its pure black coat, the Alaska Rabbit is not popular with breeders and exhibitors because the American Rabbit Breeders Association no longer recognizes it. They do, however, make excellent pets, and you should expect to pay between $20 and $50 for one.

Alaska Rabbits can be found in local animal shelters. Adoption fees vary, but you should anticipate paying between $10 to $50 in this case.

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You’ll have to pay for the first hutch and setup and the cost of buying or adopting the rabbit. You’ll also need bowls, bedding, toys, and some food for the first week or two. The total cost of the setup will be at least $300, though it may be less if you already own some of the necessary equipment.

What exactly is an albino rabbit?

Albinism affects rabbits with red eyes. This genetic abnormality causes a rabbit’s hair and eyes to be pigmented. Albino rabbits are sun-sensitive but otherwise look and act like regular rabbits. Albinism is not associated with any significant health risks.

Is it possible for rabbits with red eyes to see?

If you have a rabbit with red eyes, they will still be able to see you, but their vision may be impaired compared to a rabbit with normal eyes. Furthermore, albino rabbits with red eyes are more light-sensitive than rabbits with darker eyes.


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