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The Mountain Horse and the Plains horse are the two varieties of Albanian horses. Compared to the Plains horse, the Mountain horse is smaller, lighter, more nimble, and livelier. In addition, the Mountain Horse has more muscular endurance and illness resistance. On the other hand, the Plains horse (also known as the Myzeqeja horse, after the Myzeqeja lowland region) is more extensive, stronger, and more robust, with a relaxed ambling pace. However, since the 1990s, these two varieties have been interbred, making the distinction between them blurry.

Albanian horses were bred with Arabian, Haflinger, and Nonius horses in 1947. Albanian horses were initially bred primarily for transportation. However, in the 1990s, crossbreeding became more common to boost animal size for better agricultural work. Large breeding centres, such as the Zootechnic Station in Shkodra and specialist farms, work to develop breeds.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of an Albanian horse?

20 years

What is the size of an Albanian horse?


55 inches


670 pounds

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What colours are associated with Albania?

  • Grey
  • Brown

What is the unique coat colour for a horse?

While brindle is very frequent in dogs and cows, it is horses’ unique coat colour. Brindle stripes can appear in the shape of light or dark hairs on any base colour. Because the fusion of two embryos forms the stripes, the hairs that make up the stripes may have a distinct texture from other body hairs.

Which horse breed is the purest?

There is only one type of Icelandic horse, and it is the world’s most pure breed. It is a stocky, thick-set, and powerful horse introduced by the early Nordic settlers.

Can an appendix horse compete in a race?

They can receive their Register of Merit award by competing in racing, performance, or halter. Next, they must complete a few more standards before being moved into the main registry. Appendix horses can progress as long as they don’t have a parrot mouth.

What is the rarest horse colour?

There are numerous prosperous colours among racehorses: bay, chestnut, and brown horses win many races. The rarest horse colour is pure white.

Horses express affection in a variety of ways.

Both in the wild and captivity, Horses will show affection for one another by sharing their breath. Horses will rub noses together before sharing the air. Horses, too, have a predisposition to demonstrate affection to their owners.

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What’s the harm in looking a horse in the eyes?

This popular fallacy stems from the simple and long-held belief that horses are prey animals, and as such, they cannot endure predatory gazes. However, horses can distinguish between a predator seeking something to eat and a predator staring around in awe.

Do horses enjoy being kissed?

On the other hand, Horses enjoy licking and kissing humans, which can make them feel uneasy. Hugging is a common human-horse expression of affection but waits for your horse’s green light before wrapping your arms around his neck.

Do horses kiss each other?

Horses can give kisses just like they can give hugs. These are all signals of affection, and they could indicate that you have mastered your horse’s heart.

Is there a favourite individual among horses?

According to a new study, horses consider humans “safe-havens,” but they do not create attachment relationships with their owners, despite equine fans’ beliefs. In the trial, horses trained with positive reinforcement spent more time with humans, but they still didn’t exhibit a preference for their owners.


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