Algerian Hedgehog

Algerian Hedgehog

Here we can see, “Algerian Hedgehog”

The Algerian hedgehog, sometimes known as the North African Hedgehog, is a mammal native to the Palearctic, which includes Algeria, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Spain, and Tunisia. Despite the fact that typical domesticated hedgehog breeds arise from crossbreeding the Algerian Hedgehog with other hedgehogs, little is known about this hedgehog species. The Algerian Hedgehog is the only species of hedgehog that can be found outside of Africa. This species is neither endangered in the wild nor in captivity due to its large habitat range and stable population.

Despite its close appearance to the European Hedgehog, the Algerian Hedgehog is a separate species. It’s smaller than the European hedgehog, but it’s the biggest of the African hedgehogs. It is a quick runner due to its big snout and long legs. The Algerian Hedgehog is different from its relatives because the top of its head is smooth and does not have spines or a widow’s peak.

This species, like most hedgehogs, is nocturnal and solitary. When attacked, Algerian hedgehogs will curl into a ball and display their spines to warn off predators.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of an Algerian hedgehog?

8 -10 years

What is the size of an Algerian hedgehog?


7.9 – 9.8 inches


790 – 820 grams

What colours are Algerian hedgehogs?

  • Brown
  • White
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What Are the Prices of Algerian Hedgehogs?

A baby Algerian hedgehog costs between $250 and $350 on average. The price of a hedgehog might fluctuate depending on its colour and distinctive qualities. The price can also be affected by the hedgehog’s personality. Shy hedgehogs are typically less expensive than friendly hedgehogs. Algerian Hedgehogs are a common hedgehog species used as pets, so they’re easy to get by. A pet hedgehog can be had for as little as $100 if you’re not particular about colour or patterns.

Are hedgehogs born white?

All infants are born pink and without quills at first, but after approximately an hour, they begin to develop small white quills. If they’re going to be a darker hedgehog, they’ll start to gain colour on their skin and quills with coloured bands in the next day or so.

Hedgehogs: are they cuddly?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals that spend the majority of their time alone in the wild, except during mating season. They are shy and distrustful of strangers. To build a trusting attachment with a pet hedgehog, you’ll need patience and a delicate touch. Hedgehogs may be highly playful and cuddly if a link has been formed.

Do hedgehogs like belly rubs?

Sometimes a belly rub feels really wonderful, and this hedgehog is here to show us just how good it feels. It’s impossible to look away from his contented little face as he receives a small massage! This reaction is too powerful to ignore.

Why is it that my hedgehog bites me?

Because hedgehogs have limited vocalisation skills, they communicate by biting. If you approach your hedgehog too closely or try to restrain it, it may bite or nip you.

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Do hedgehogs enjoy wearing clothes?

Hedgehogs enjoy dressing up in costumes, but their tiny legs make it difficult for them to do so on their own. That’s why hedgehogs need your help dressing up for the upcoming Christmas season.

Are there fleas on hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs are well known to hedge fleas. The fleas seen on hedgehogs, on the other hand, are hedgehog fleas (scientific name: Archaeopsylla erinacei), which are host specific, meaning they will not survive long on any other animal, including pets or humans.

Do white hedgehogs exist?

Because they are albino, they are quite rare. Only one in 100,000 hedgehogs is born with the recessive gene, which means their skin, eyes, and spines lack melanin pigment.


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