Amazon Parrot

Amazon Parrot

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The Amazon parrot is a tropical bird that can be found in various locations across the world. Amazon parrots come in 35 different species, with the bulk being sold as pets. These birds are lovely and famous, and they come in various hues. The Amazon parrot has a friendly and amusing demeanour, making it a famous companion bird that is easy to care for.

These medium-sized birds build strong bonds with their owners fast. This post is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about Amazon parrots and how to care for them properly.

User Questions

Is it possible to keep an Amazon parrot as a pet?

Hand-fed, playful, and sweet Green-Cheeked Amazon parrots make excellent family pets because they like interacting with their “flock.” While Green Cheeked Amazons are regarded as friendly birds, they have a curious streak that some owners believe makes them more prone to mischief than other Amazon species.

Can Amazon parrots communicate?

Many Amazon parrots can imitate human speech. The blue-fronted, yellow-naped, and double yellow-headed Amazons, according to specialists, are the best conversing species.

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Are Amazon parrots suitable for novices?

Yes, Amazon parrots are an excellent choice for newcomers! Amazon parrots are gregarious and outgoing creatures. They enjoy playing and being noticed. On the other hand, amazons are medium to large birds with a powerful bite that can intimidate inexperienced bird handlers, resulting in more significant behaviour issues.

Is it true that Amazon parrots bite?

They bite back with a vengeance. Amazon parrots not only bite fiercely, but they also know how to cause maximum injury — by twisting the flesh! The Amazon parrot bites so quickly that you may not even notice you’ve been bitten until you see the wound or feel the agony.

How long does an Amazon parrot live?

30 – 50 years

What is the size of an Amazon parrot?


10-20 inches


272-509 grams

What hues do Amazon parrots come in?


What Amazon parrot is the rarest?

Spix’s macaw, a magnificent bird with a dark blue head, blue body, greenish belly, a black mask, and dazzling yellow eye, is the world’s rarest bird.

Which of the Amazons is the most talkative?

The Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot is often thought to be the best talking Amazon! YN Amazons are known for their vast vocabulary and ability to mix words into intelligible sentences with suitable speed and tone.

How much do Amazon parrots cost?

As previously said, Amazon Parrots are pretty rare, and their prices will be relatively high. An Amazon Parrot will set you back at least $1,000 if purchased from a reputable breeder. Prices might be significantly higher if you wanted subspecies with distinct colours.

What foods do Amazon parrots eat?

Amazon parrots eat a wide array of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, and flora in the wild. Instead of flying, they will crawl from branch to branch while feeding.

What is the maximum speed at which Amazon parrots can fly?

The parrot has a top speed of 40 to 50 miles per hour.

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What supplies do I require for an Amazon parrot?

To stimulate mobility and exercise, an Amazon parrot needs a large cage with plenty of toys and swings, as well as a play gym/play tree, climbing rope, and ladders to scale.

How big should an Amazon parrot’s cage be?

Amazon parrots require a minimum cage size of 24 x 36 x 48 inches, with ¾ to 1-inch bar spacing. Mini macaws require a minimum cage size of 24 x 36 x 48 inches, with ¾ to 1-inch bar spacing.

Is it possible for Amazon parrots to consume chicken?

Yes, they are capable. Although they should not consume vast amounts of chicken, some of the ways it is prepared can be quite healthful and nutritious. In addition to the health benefits that eating chicken provides, some parrots prefer it.

Why does my Amazon parrot have a bad odour?

No, Amazon parrots do not smell, but they may smell terrible or have a bird odour due to hormonal fluctuations, poor cleanliness, illness, or inadequate food. This bird species prefers to keep themselves moisturised by bathing in lakes frequently, which is why they don’t have a pungent stench.


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