American Crow

American Crow

Here we can see, “American Crow”

The American crow is one of North America’s most widely dispersed birds. Despite centuries of persecution by poisoning, shooting, and other means, these Corvidae bird family members are remarkably adaptable and continue to survive in various habitats. As birders better understand crow facts and information, they are frequently astounded by how bright, adaptable, and ingenious American crows can be.

While it may appear straightforward to identify the American crow as a vast, all-black bird, these birds look remarkably similar to other corvids and grackles, making a solid identification difficult. Birders familiar with the distinctive field marks and other characteristics of this widespread bird will feel more confident when recognising crows. To begin, the bill is broad and black, with a robust shape that makes it excellent for various dishes. Males and females have identical all-black plumage that exhibits a blue-violet iridescence in intense sunlight. The neck feathers are short and silky. Black is also used on very long legs and feet, and the eye is a dark brown that frequently appears black. When these birds fly, they have a square-tipped tail straight across, and rare specimens may have white wing patches. However, the amount of white varies. In-flight, wings frequently have noticeably forward joints.

Adults and juveniles appear similar, but juveniles may have a little shaggier, untidier appearance.

These birds are well recognised for their famous raspy, harsh “caw-caw” call. The tone, pace, duration of the call and the number of repeats can all change. A fast rattle is also characteristic, and American crows have been observed mimicking the calls of other birds and non-bird sounds.

User Questions

Is the American crow smart?

However, studies have discovered that crows are not only mischievous and playful but also intelligent. They employ tools to solve complex issues, and they retain memories of faces and sounds they hear for years.

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Can American crow talk?

Yes, crows can communicate in the same way that parrots do, utilising their syrinx to mimic and repeat words and noises they hear. Despite their distance from people, they are adept at replicating human speech without mutilating it.

What is the lifespan of an American crow?

7 – 8 years

What is the size of an American crow?


15 – 17.5 inches


320 – 620 grams

What colours do American crows come in?


Are crows sociable?

Crows are regarded to be quite pleasant and friendly creatures. It is not uncommon for people to become acquainted with large flocks of crows that live nearby. You can gradually earn their trust by providing crows with nutritious items such as dried pet food, peanuts, and more.

Do crows recall acts of kindness?

John Marzluff, a University of Washington professor of Wildlife Science, corroborated this behaviour. According to him, crows give gifts to those who feed them and pay attention to them. While feeding crows may seem like a harmless and enjoyable activity, keep in mind that they will remember your generosity and spread the word.

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Are crows malicious?

Due to their size and dark colouration, ravens and crows frequently appear prominently in the folklore and mythology of people throughout. Though occasionally depicted as enlightened heroes, they are frequently represented as evil warnings of catastrophe.

Do crows have an affinity for humans?

Crows can be wary and distant and will not approach humans willingly. To make crows your friends, you must establish an environment that makes them feel safe and welcome. Crows will seek a quieter location with plenty of food.

Do crows protect humans?

Not only do crows reprimand harmful individuals, but they also recruit family members – and even strangers – to their mob. Crows’ antagonistic behaviour among mobs teaches naive birds about a dangerous person and how to associate that person’s face with danger and react appropriately.

Are crows capable of biting humans?

Crows are pretty territorial throughout May and June. They are known to dive and hit humans repeatedly until the individual has moved a considerable distance away from the nest. These attacks are highly regular in Vancouver; we’ve even seen attacks on Science Park employees.


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