American Fuzzy Lop

American Fuzzy Lop

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The American Fuzzy Lop is a domesticated rabbit breed that looks like the Holland Lop. It’s a woolly rabbit with slightly shorter fur than Angora rabbits. It’s the outcome of breeders’ attempts to make a multicolour Holland Lop, which had previously only shown solid colours. The American Fuzzy Lop has floppy ears that drop down on the side of its head and comes in a range of colours and patterns.

The American Fuzzy Lop is a tiny rabbit that weighs 3-4 pounds. It has short floppy ears that droop down the side of the face and longer hair than typical rabbits, but not as long as Angora rabbits. It comes in various colours and has a compact and powerful body.

User Questions

What is the lifespan of an American Fuzzy Lop?

5 – 8 years

What is the size of an American Fuzzy Lop?


9 – 12 inches


1360 – 1814 grams

What colours does the American Fuzzy Lop come in?

  • Agouti
  • Chinchilla
  • Chestnut
  • Lynx
  • Opal
  • Black
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What does an American Fuzzy Lop cost?

Your American Fuzzy Lop rabbit’s price will vary based on where you get it and whether or not you want a show-quality rabbit. A regular rabbit may be found for roughly $25, but if you want to enter it in shows and competitions, you’ll need to spend between $100 and $200.

Where can you find American Fuzzy Lop rabbits?

The American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit (AFL) is a tiny rabbit breed established in the 1980s on the East coast of the United States of America. This adorable rabbit has a beautiful woolly coat, a cat-like short flat nose, and long floppy ears.

Is it possible to shave a fluffy lop rabbit?

Rabbits’ skin is quite delicate; as Dface mentioned, shaving is probably not a good idea. Other methods of staying cool can be beneficial! If your rabbit has access to cool tile or another flooring, they may choose to rest there because it cools them down.

Is it true that fuzzy Holland Lops shed?

When wool breeds, such as Fuzzy Lops, shed, they look dreadful. Throughout the year, your rabbit may experience light moults. You may be able to brush away the dead hair and continue to display your animal successfully through these light moults. It’s better to keep your bunny at home during a major moult.

Is it possible to trim a bunny’s hair?

You can either trim it yourself or hire a groomer and do touch-ups at home. Because the rabbit’s skin is so thin and easy to cut accidentally, you must be very careful when clipping their fur. Brushing these bunnies daily is recommended.

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Is it necessary to brush Holland lops?

Brushing is only required once a week for Holland Lops and other short-haired breeds. Since it destroys the coat’s thickness and velvety density, brushing is not recommended for Rex and Satin breeds. When your rabbit’s coats are moulting (shedding), you should frequently brush them.

How often should a mini lop be groomed?

Brushing rabbits with “normal type” fur (Holland Lops, Mini Lops, rexes, dutches, etc.) is recommended at least once a week. It would be beneficial to brush them twice a week if they have longer fur, such as fluffy lops or lion heads.

Should I bathe my rabbit?

Rabbits are extremely clean and rarely require bathing. Bathing them can be dangerous since they fear water and may thrash around, breaking a limb or spine.


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