Though It’s a scarce breed, the American Water Spaniel is the Country Dog of Wisconsin. A dual-purpose creature, it had been bred for companionship and recovery ability.

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Physical Attributes

The American Water Spaniel is more in size compared to many Spaniels. Its powerful legs and muscle body make it proceed quickly through the water, and its rate is balanced.

This medium-sized puppy’s particular coat, which may have closely-knitted curls, is wavy and usually right liver or brownish. The American Water Spaniel additionally has a long muzzle and hairy ears.

Character and Temperament

The American Water Spaniel is flexible in its searching capacity and sensitive. Besides being an excellent companion, it’s cordial with other puppies and obedient if given appropriate training and training.


Given its title, it no denies the American Water Spaniel’s beloved activity involves water matches. It should also be required for indoor and outdoor activities and put the puppy on a routine-based workout program. Furthermore, an American Water Spaniel’s ears should be checked routinely, and its coat should be brushed and combed weekly. This will help eliminate any dead hair.


The American Water Spaniel typically endure for 10 to 12 decades. Among its essential health issues is mitral valve disorder. Other minor health problems consist of canine hip dysplasia (CHD), patent duct arteriosus (PDA), and pulmonic stenosis. It might also sometimes suffer from progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and patellar luxation. To recognize a few of those issues, a vet may run attention, coronary, and fashionable exams with this breed of puppy.

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Background and history

Although nothing could be verified about the roots of the American Water Spaniel, it was considered a breed for the first time from the USA’s mid-western areas. It’s supposed that the strain evolved in the Irish Water Spaniel and its other variations, including Tweed Water Spaniels, Northern Water Spaniels, and Southern Water Spaniels. It’s also considered that the English Water Spaniel and the Curly-Coated Retriever could have played a part in its evolution.

Recognized among the prevalent American Kennel Club breeds, the American Water Spaniel wasn’t enrolled until 1940. The species, nevertheless, remains popular in Wisconsin and stays the nation dog now.


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