Amur Hedgehog

Amur Hedgehog

Here we can see, “Amur Hedgehog”

Hedgehogs are known for their prickly spines that cover their entire backs. Unlike porcupines, these spines rarely detach, and when they do, it’s usually only under extreme stress. The Amur Hedgehog looks a lot like other common hedgehogs seen in the United States. They have the same appearance and behaviour as the European Hedgehog, but they are usually lighter in colour. Continue reading to learn more about hedgehogs and how to care for one as a pet.

The Amur Hedgehog is known by a variety of names. These little animals, also known as the Manchurian hedgehog or Eriaceus amurensis, resemble most pet hedgehogs you’ve seen.

The Amur Hedgehog is endemic to Russia’s Amur Oblast, though its range now extends to Primorsky Krai, China, and Korea. They are generally nocturnal and tend to be solitary animals. They hunt for food at night and eat worms, beetles, ticks, snails, and snakes, among other things. They like deserts, woods, and savannahs, where they must escape predators such as foxes, hawks, ferrets, and eagles. While the Amur hedgehog isn’t the most popular sort of pet hedgehog, a few people love having one as a companion.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of an Amur Hedgehog?

8 years

What is the size of an Amur Hedgehog?


7 – 10 inches


400 – 440 grams

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What colors are Amur Hedgehog?

  • Brown
  • Light brown
  • Whitish-yellow

What is the price of an Amur hedgehog?

When it comes to buying a hedgehog, many people underestimate how much this animal might cost. You must also pay for all the materials in addition to the original purchase of a hedgehog, which ranges from $200 to $500. These animals might cost you hundreds of dollars each year between a huge cage, bedding, toys, food, and vet fees. Of course, some people can stick to a budget, but others who really want to go all out can spend thousands of dollars on top-of-the-line supplies and enough enclosure space.

Is a hedgehog a rodent?

Shrews, moles, and hedgehogs are not rodents; they belong to the mammal order Eulipotyphla. (at left), a South American species, is the world’s largest living rodent.

Are there hedgehogs in Asia?

They can be found throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. Hedgehogs were brought to New Zealand from England, and they are now widespread across the country, posing a threat to native animals.

Are hedgehogs visually impaired?

Hedgehogs are born blind and have a protective membrane covering their quills that dries and decreases over time. After the hoglet has been cleansed or the membrane has fallen off, the quills protrude through the membrane.

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Do hedgehogs scream?

It’s a distress signal, much like yelling. Unlike screaming, which shows that the hedgehog is in pain, quacking suggests that the condition isn’t as bad. Hedgehogs may make a quacking sound if they become trapped. Hedgehogs, especially young ones, make this squeak when they are hungry.

Do hedgehogs lick?

This is something we’ve witnessed firsthand throughout the years. Our hedgehogs anointed their quills whenever we held them after cleaning them with fragrant hand soap. A hedgehog may lick before anointing, although this is not always the case.

How far can a hedgehog smell?

They can smell food up to 3 inches deep in soil, which is quite a distance, and they can combine their acute sense of smell with excellent hearing and a well-developed sense of touch.


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