Are Owls Good Pets?

Are Owls Good Pets?

Here we can see, “Are Owls Good Pets?”

In numerous films, novels, and television series, owls are depicted as highly friendly, intelligent, and affectionate pets. Do owls make good pets, as they appear in movies, and what does it take to care for one properly? Is it possible to keep one in a regular parrot cage and feed it seed and other commercial bird food?

Owls require a lot of space

While pet owls have been popularised in books and movies (such as the Harry Potter series), owls are not a suitable choice for pets. The difficulties that come with properly caring for an owl are one of the main reasons it is preferable to leave them in the wild, as beautiful and compelling as these creatures are.

To begin with, owls cannot be kept in a typical indoor parrot cage. They must be housed in a spacious aviary with access to both indoor and outdoor areas and a clean bath pan. They bathe regularly to maintain their feathers as clean as possible. Owls fly silently, but if their feathers aren’t kept clean, they make a lot of noise. This cacophony is making it difficult for them to hunt. If they are physically capable of flying, they must also be able to fly regularly.

Owls are essentially self-sufficient creatures

These are raptors who live and hunt on their own. Unlike other large birds such as macaws or cockatoos, owls do not live in flocks in the wild, making them incredibly unfriendly to other birds (except for their mates and their offspring).

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A parrot’s ability to successfully integrate into a human household is due to its swarm mentality. Because owls lack this mentality, they see everyone except the one they chose as their “partner” as an adversary or prey and will attack others on sight. If you get ill or cannot care for your owl, this can be a significant issue.

Their diets are particular

Another issue that makes keeping owls as pets practically impossible is their diet. Because owls are classified as prey birds, they have unique nutritional requirements that cannot be addressed by giving them seeds, pellets, or fresh fruits and vegetables. If you gave any of these items to an owl, it’s unlikely that they would recognise them as food. Owls are carnivorous creatures that require whole rodents such as mice, small rabbits, guinea pigs, quail, and small chickens that are commercially manufactured and must be stored frozen and then thawed before feeding or fed live to suit their complex nutritional needs. As one might expect, witnessing such an event, let alone having to participate in it multiple times a day, is not a pleasant experience. Because owls, like all birds, can be messy eaters, cleaning up after meals is another duty that most people would find unpleasant.

Owls have a beak and talons created expressly for ripping and tearing chunks of meat as meat-eaters. They are capable of causing significant damage to human owners if they are displeased for whatever reason. They are destructive and may easily rip apart everything in their confinement.

Owls Are Illegal to Own as Pets

In many parts of the world, keeping owls is prohibited. Those who choose to ignore the law and maintain an owl despite it face a slew of additional issues. If the bird becomes unwell, you will almost always have no choice except to take it to a raptor veterinarian. Your average veterinarian isn’t equipped to care for these incredible creatures. Taking an owl to a veterinarian puts an illegal owner at risk of being caught, fined, and potentially imprisoned because being a registered and bonded professional raptor handler requires a permit and rigorous training.

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You can sponsor an owl at a wildlife rehabilitation centre if you are interested. Consider adopting a parrot who needs a home if you seek a companion bird. They are significantly more suited to living with humans than owls.

User Questions

Can owls bond with humans?

Because the tie between “parent” and bird is never indeed severed in imprinted Barn Owls, the owl may never grow out of certain immature behaviours like calling for food. This might quickly become a source of irritation. Humans are often viewed as possible mates or competitors by imprinted Barn Owls.

Do owls enjoy being pets?

“Stroking an owl is a bad idea. This can and does create unnecessary stress in even the most tame birds “In writing, he informed DW. “Also, if stroking is permitted in a crowded environment, everyone will want to do it, which would be extremely stressful for even ‘tame’ owls.”

Do owls like to cuddle?

Owls are wild animals that are nearly challenging to manage in a conventional residential environment. Because it goes against their evolved nature, they do not tolerate hugging or regular contact with people. These razor-sharp talons aren’t meant for perching on your shoulder; they’re for piercing and cutting.

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Are owls intelligent?

Owls are somewhat in the middle of the avian intelligence scale. They cannot complete specific activities devised by zoologists to assess the bird’s knowledge. On the other hand, corvids, ravens, and crows are pretty engaged in problem-solving situations.

Do owls have a memory for faces?

According to new research, certain birds can recognise people’s appearances and distinguish between human voices, implying that they may know who their human pals are. Recognising a friend or potential opponent could be crucial to the bird’s survival.


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