Here we can see, “Auxois”

This is a powerful horse with well-developed muscles and a large physique. Its physical characteristics make it an excellent choice for farm and heavy draught operations. Unfortunately, it has become an endangered species.

Although some sources claim that this type’s forebears were the Burgandy horse, a heavy breed ridden by knights in the Middle Ages, the origins of this breed are unknown. The current Auxois was developed in the 19th century in France’s Cote d’Or and Yonne areas. Percheron, Ardennes, Boulonnais, and Northern Ardennais were the foundation animals.

With the increase of mechanisation after the World Wars, the Auxois numbers plummeted. Their numbers had dwindled to the point where purebred Ardennais blood was introduced to the breeding stock to prevent inbreeding. However, this breed, bred for its gigantic size, failed to catch on in other nations due to the enormous amount of food it required. In France, they are still bred primarily for the meat business. Their numbers, though, remain alarmingly low today.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of an Auxois Horse?

30–35 years

What is the size of an Auxois Horse?


44-48 inches


1336 – 1543 pounds

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What colours do Auxois Horses come in?

  • Bay
  • Roan
  • chestnut

What is the definition of a Grade 4 horse?

When a horse is downgraded, it loses all of its previous points and is assigned to Grade 4. Every Thursday, Horse & Hound magazine is packed with the latest news and headlines, as well as interviews, features, nostalgia, and veterinary and training guidance.

What is the definition of a Grade 3 horse?

The Grand National is the most well-known Grade 3 race to the ordinary horse racing fan. With 40 horses going over fences, this is a unique race, but it doesn’t mean other Grade 3 races aren’t worth betting on. The Grand National is horse racing’s most famous Grade 3 race (GETTY).

What is the difference between a Thoroughbred and a Thoroughbred cross?

An Irish Sports Horse is a Thoroughbred that has been crossed with an Irish Draught, and this phrase can refer to a variety of breeding lines. The term “Irish Sports Horse” is similar to the term “sports car” in that it encompasses many different sorts and brands or, in this instance, breeds.

What are the prices of grade horses?

Grade horses are moderately priced, ranging from $2,000 to $7,000 more or less. On the other hand, pricing will be determined by characteristics such as the horse’s age, size, physical limits, conformation, and training level.

Will the cost of a horse decrease?

Future horse prices are likely to fall due to a shift in demand rather than supply. In addition, horses purchased for the amateur market would be considered a luxury good; buying and maintaining a horse is a costly hobby.

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Is it cruel to ride a horse?

So, is riding a horse cruel? If done or overseen by a competent rider who prioritises the horse’s requirements, horse riding is not cruel. However, horse riding can quickly turn harsh if we are not attentive and pay attention to every part of our horses care, health, and temperament.

When horses are ridden, do they feel pain?

It is unavoidable for horses to experience discomfort while being ridden. In the same way, as humans do, horses will develop arthritis as they age. In addition, riders that are too hefty for their horses might cause pain to young or small animals.

Is PETA an anti-horseback riding organisation?

Many animal rights organisations, such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), have stated that horses should not be used for any riding.

Do horses enjoy being hugged?

One of the most common ways horses shows affection is through physical contact. Horses can’t hug or hold hands, so they express their love with gentle leaning and even “neck hugs.”


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