Black Bear Hamster

Black Bear Hamster

Here we can see, “Black Bear Hamster”

In 1985, the first black bear hamsters, also known as European black hamsters or Black teddy bear hamsters, were bred. Some regard them as a colour variant of the teddy bear subtype, while others consider them long-haired Syrian hamsters because of their black fur and kind nature. Black bear hamsters are yet to be fully accepted in the hamster world due to this ongoing argument.

User Questions

Are black bear hamsters pleasant to be around?

Yes, black bear hamsters are excellent pets. They have a warm and accommodating demeanour. They are also less aggressive than other hamster breeds and do not bite, even in stressful settings. Because of their submissive demeanour, they make excellent pets.

Is it true that black hamsters are uncommon?

Black-coloured hamsters aren’t uncommon, but truly black hamsters, that is, those who lack any other colour gene, are!

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What is the average lifespan of a black bear hamster?

5-6 years

What is the size of a black bear hamster?


5 inches


113-170 grams

Black bear hamsters come in a variety of colours.


Why does my black bear hamster have a brown coat?

People tend to “rust” or turn brown as people get older. It’s impossible to stop it. My male black Syrian, who is about 7 months old, has been rusting for the past two months. It’s entirely natural, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Is it true that black bear hamsters bite?

Handling tolerance is higher in Black Bear hamsters than in other breeds. They also appear to cope with stress better than other hamster species and are less likely to bite or attack. In addition, they are often more gentle, which makes them good pets.

Is it possible for two black bear hamsters to live together?

Teddy Bear (Syrian) hamsters do not get along. They are fiercely territorial and, if grouped, are liable to attack one another.


Compared to other species, black bear hamsters are known to be more docile and kind, making them an ideal choice for new hamster owners and children. Their high-stress tolerance and laid-back demeanour make them simple to look after. In addition, they are less likely to bite and are quite friendly, which makes them my favourite breed to play with.


Because black bear hamsters have a calm and gentle temperament, they are less energetic than other species and need more exercise to keep fit and healthy. This can be accomplished by offering their favourite toys to play with. In addition, their cage can be fitted with an exercise wheel.

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In addition, you may purchase your child a plastic ball or a flying saucer. Also, frequently keep an eye on your hammy to avoid obesity and other health issues. If your child wants to play with a hammy for an extended amount of time, you can get a little leash and harness for them. This is due to its enormous size. A little leash will assist you in controlling your cuddly pet.


To keep its hair in good shape, brush or comb it at least once a week to remove tangles and dirt. Your hamster’s hair will look polished and healthy, making them even cuter.

If the comb cannot completely untangle the hair, carefully identify the tangles and use a trimmer to remove the obstinate hair gently. Pulling at matted hair might create pain in your hammy, which can lead to further difficulties.

Additional grooming suggestions to consider include:

Hamsters should be groomed from the start to become accustomed to it and not become agitated. You can start by forcing them to sit for brief grooming sessions and gradually extend the time as they get used to it. It’s critical to ensure that grooming sessions aren’t too stressful. You can do this by feeding them fruits and vegetables. This will help to take their attention away from grooming, and they may be able to sit for long periods.


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