Blue-Headed Pionus

Blue-Headed Pionus

Here we can see, “Blue-Headed Pionus”

Pionus parrots are small to medium-sized Central and South American birds. These birds have stocky bodies with short tails, huge eyes with no eye-ring, and a triangular red patch around the vent.

Pionus parrots come in eight different species, five regularly maintained as pets. These parrots are well-liked for their beauty as well as their kind, calm, and gentle attitude.

User Questions

Is it possible to keep a blue-headed pionus as a pet?

The Blue Headed Pionus, which is both beautiful and loving, has been a popular pet for many years, and it appears that this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. While they are lovely, peaceful birds, they are not suitable as pets for everyone.

Is it possible for blue-headed Pionus to communicate?

Pet Pionus parrots with blue heads are famous. They are pretty silent compared to other parrot species (such as Amazons). They are affectionate but not well-known for their capacity to communicate.

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What is the price of a blue-headed pionus?

The prices of different Pionus parrot species can range from $200 to $900, depending on their rarity.

What is the lifespan of a blue-headed pionus?

30 years

What is the size of a blue-headed pionus?


11 inches


227 – 255 grams

Is it simple to breed Pionus?

The Blue Headed Pionus is bred in captivity regularly and is relatively difficult to breed. They can be pretty raucous during the breeding season.

How do you prepare Pionus for battle?

For about 10 minutes each day, look it in the eyes and talk to it about anything. When you talk to your parrot, it will become accustomed to the sound of your voice and how you communicate. It will be more receptive to training if you start training in this manner.

Are Pionus parrots intelligent?

The Pionus parrot (pronounced pi-oh-nus) is a species that most people are unfamiliar with. In terms of playstyle, the pionus is sometimes compared to the caique. They are intelligent parrots who are good at mimicking. Intellect is frequently accompanied by uncommon conduct, as is the case with all intelligence.

Do Pionus parrots require a lot of care?

The Pionus is calm compared to the Amazon, conure, and macaw. It is a laid-back bird in comparison to lovebirds and African greys. A Pionus owner can expect to devote a significant amount of time to their pet. The Pionus may not get the attention it needs if it lives among louder, more demanding birds.

What is the decibel level of Pionus parrots?

The unexpectedly loud calls of a Pionus aren’t deafening, but at roughly 96 dB, they can be a source of significant discomfort.

Pionus, how often should you poop?

Your bird should be eating soft, moist food twice a day at this age, and it should have a massive poop shortly after waking up in the morning, followed by a smaller regular-sized poop every 20 minutes or so.

Does blue-headed Pionus make a lot of noise?

They’re ideal for apartment dwellers because they’re generally peaceful and quiet. When they are enthusiastic or scared, they make a peculiar, repeating the wheezing or snorting sound.

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Do blue-headed macaws communicate?

Perception and communication are two aspects of perception. The blue-headed macaw’s sounds or vocalisations are distinct from other birds. When in flight, these birds are calm and make purring sounds and gentle nasal, rasping sounds.

What is the origin of Pionus parrots?

The eight Pionus parrot species can be found throughout South and Central America. They prefer forested environments, savannas, and mountainous areas to live in.

How big should a Pionus’ cage be?

A Pionus parrot’s cage should be comparable to an Amazon parrot’s. It can be between 39″ and 59″ (100-150 cm) tall and have a floor space of 23″x 39″ (60 x 100 cm), while a smaller cage of 24″x 24″x 32″ has been suggested (62 x 62 x 83 cm).


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