Bombay Cat

Bombay Cat

Here we can see, “Bombay Cat”

The Bombay is the ideal cat for everyone who has ever thought to themselves, “I’d want a panther, but maybe a little smaller and less bitey.”

The Bombay is a cross between the Burmese and the black American shorthair and was created to resemble the Indian black panther. The outcome is a cat that looks like a huge jungle cat but doesn’t have any wild blood in his genealogy.

The Bombay combines the best qualities of both parent breeds, offering the toughness, devotion, and intellect of the Burmese while being less loud and having a stunning solid black coat.

User Questions

What is the best way to tell if my cat is a Bombay?

Although Bombays may appear to be similar to other black cats at first glance, a quick method to tell them apart is that they have a black coat (down to the roots), as well as a black nose and paw pads. The infamous and gorgeous Bombay cat green eyes are another distinguishing feature of these elegant felines.

Is it true that Bombay cats are friendly?

Bombay cats are laid-back and perceptive. They are curious, constantly up for a game, and adore children. When properly socialised and exposed to other animals, they get along fine.

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Is it true that all black cats are Bombay cats?

Although Bombay cats are all black, they are not all black cats. A cat’s breed is not determined just by its colour. Like all members of a proven breeding line, Bombay cats have either same-breed forebears or ancestors who used crossbreeding to reach the breed standard.

Are Bombay cats only found indoors?

Bombay cats are adaptable to live in various environments so that they can thrive anywhere from a modest one-bedroom apartment to a vast farmhouse. First, however, this intelligent cat needs a household prepared to devote time to teaching them tricks and playing games with them.

Is it true that Bombay cats are chatty?

Bombay is known for being intelligent and talkative, attractive and adaptive, strange (in a good way), and naughty. Here are ten reasons why this cat breed is deserving of human affection.

What is the life expectancy of a Bombay Cat?

12 to 18 years of age

What is the size of a Bombay Cat?


9–13 inches


8–15 pounds

What colours does Bombay Cat come in?

  • Black 
  • Ebony

Is it true that Bombay cats enjoy cuddling?

Bombay inherited its friendly personality from the American Shorthair. Your Bombay cat will frequently rub around your ankles or cuddle on your lap. Because of its playful, curious, and intelligent temperament, it’s always up for a game or chasing birds in your backyard.

What are the health issues that Bombay cats face?

The Bombay is generally healthy; however, some of the disorders that plague the breed include hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, severe eye tearing, and the likelihood of respiratory problems due to the cat’s short muzzle.

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What does an all-black cat cost?

The average cost of a Bombay cat is between $500 and $700. It can even get higher at times. For example, if you want a show cat, the price of a Bombay cat goes up, with this cat-category of felines commanding prices in the $2,000 area.

What makes Bombay cats so special?

Bombay cats are sociable, playful, and friendly creatures. Because Bombays are highly tolerant of young children, they are very popular with families. They’re also fine around other cats and dogs. Some Bombays are extremely talkative, while others are barely audible.

Are Bombay cats cat-aggressive?

Because the Bombay breed is a hybrid, it has various strong behavioural characteristics. They are known to be both brave and aggressive and have a dislike for litter boxes. Like the Siamese and Sphynx cats, Bombay requires a lot of care, which, if not provided, can lead to violent behaviour.


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