Budyonny Horse

Budyonny Horse

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Budyonny horses, also known as Budenny horses or Budennovsky horses, are flexible and adaptable horse breeds in Russia. It was created in a place where steppe horses have long been reared. Several intra-breed types of Budenny were recognized at first. The ‘Massive type’ was massive, robust, and rough; the ‘Oriental style’ was light, elegant, and reasonably smooth; the ‘Medium type’ was rangy, athletic, and well-muscled.

After the Russian Revolution, the horse breed was named after a notable Bolshevik cavalry commander, Semyon Budyonny. Budyonny, a successful horse breeder, created the breed in the 1920s to breed military horses to replace those lost during the First World War. Russian cavalry divisions employed these horses during WWII.

When Thoroughbred stallions were combined with Chernomor and Russian Don mares, the Budyonny horse was born. The first generation of Budenny was also bred with blood from Kazakh and Kirghiz horses; however, the offspring were neither physically sound nor robust. These horses were formerly known as Anglo-Dons, and the foundation stock featured some of the best-interbred descendants.

The mares used for breeding were treated with the utmost care, and the young stock was put to the test in both horsemanship and on the racetrack. 657 mares of Anglo-Chernomor, Anglo-Don, and Anglo-Don/Chernomor crosses were crossed with Thoroughbred and Anglo-Don stallions to form the foundation bloodstock. These horses were given official recognition in 1949.

Several Budyonny horses were released on an island in Lake Manych in the 1950s as an experiment to see if they could survive in the wild without human aid.

User Questions

Budyonny horses live for a long time.

30 years

What is the size of a Budyonny horse?


60 – 65 inches


1000 – 1190 pounds

Budyonny horses come in a variety of hues.

  • Chestnut
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Bay
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Is there a large number of horses in Russia?

In 2020, the number of horses on Russian farms surpassed 1.3 million, a modest decline from the previous year. The most significant number was recorded in 2003 when nearly 1.5 million horse heads were tallied in houses.

What is the origin of horses?

According to most researchers, horses are thought to have originated in North America about 50 million years ago. They were little animals, about a tiny dog, who lived mainly in the woods. They grew in size over millions of years and adapted to a broader range of settings, including grassy plains.

What is the name of the Greek deity of horses?

Poseidon, the deity of horses, is supposed to have been brought to Greece by the early Hellenes, who also brought the first horses to the country in the 2nd century BCE. Poseidon fathered several horses, the most famous being the winged horse Pegasus, which the Gorgon Medusa fathered.

What does a horse’s spirit entail?

It’s always a good omen when the horse spirit animal manifests itself in your life. The horse embodies a unique blend of beauty, spirit, bravery, and freedom. When the horse is your spirit animal, you have been given a magnificent, energetic guide to assist you on your journey through life.

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What is the rarest horse?

With fewer than 250 left on the earth, the Newfoundland pony, Dales pony, and Sorraia horse are the rarest and most critically endangered. The other unusual horse breeds can be found worldwide, from Canada to Portugal.

Is it true that all black horses are rare?

Black horses aren’t relatively uncommon, although they are considered unusual among breeds. They don’t have any brown or reddish hair, but their coat can have a blue tint. Brown eyes, black hair coats, and black skin are characteristics of a true black horse.

Is the horse Spirit still alive?

Spirit is still alive and well now, at the age of 25, and lives on a wild horse refuge chosen by Dreamworks after the film’s completion. A Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary, Spirit is one of the numerous wild horse ambassadors.

Is Spirit a genuine stallion?

Spirit was a genetically and historically uncommon 15th-century Spanish Barb horse, and animators studied his movements to achieve the most precise and realistic movement onscreen. DreamWorks chose Return to Freedom (RTF) as Spirit’s permanent home after the film’s premiere.


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