Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier

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Cairn terriers are loyal, intelligent, and playful little dogs who are equally at home snuggled on your lap as they are hiking with you.

Cairn terriers are affectionate, intelligent, loyal, all-around wonderful little companions who thrive on human attention. Of course, they enjoy snuggling, but because they were bred to hunt foxes from their dens in Scotland, they enjoy going for walks with their owners or having a good run around in the yard.

Cairns make lovely family pets since they get along well with children and other canines and adjust to almost any living scenario (including flats!) as long as their moderate exercise needs are met. The cairn terrier has a short, shaggy coat that is easy to care for and sheds very little.

The most well-known cairn terrier, Dorothy’s little dog, Toto, had a starring role in the first Wizard of Oz film.

User Questions

Is a Cairn Terrier suitable for a family?

Cairn terriers are intelligent, devoted family companions who can adapt to various situations. They are, however, real terriers, and as a result, very energetic dogs. Some dogs may have proclivity for excessive barking, while others may be diggers. This isn’t a dog for those looking for a quiet lap dog.

Is it true that Cairn Terriers are affectionate?

Cairn Terriers are intelligent, self-reliant, and friendly dogs who make excellent family pets. These dogs are compact and affectionate, and they do well in both small and large homes, with both new and experienced dog owners.

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What is the average cost of a Cairn Terrier?

The average cost of a Cairn Terrier is between $1,200 and $5,000. However, before you hand over your cash, you should familiarise yourself with the disposition of this breed. Specific characteristics of a breed may influence your decision to purchase or not.

Is it true that Cairn Terriers shed?

Cairn Terriers shed very little however they should always be stripped by hand. After just one grooming, using scissors or shears can destroy the dog’s harsh outer coat. Hand-stripping entails yanking out the old, dead hair from the roots. Avoid skin irritations by keeping the Cairn Terrier’s coat in its natural state.

What is a Cairn Terriers dog’s typical lifespan?

13–15 years

What is the Cairn Terrier’s size?


9.5–10 inches


13–14 pounds

Cairn Terriers are available in a wide range of colors.

  • Red
  • Cream
  • Black
  • Gray
  • White

Why do Cairn Terriers have such a strong odor?

Honey may be more sensitive to fleas, ticks, and other insects because Cairn Terriers are prone to skin problems. Honey’s unpleasant stench could also be due to this breed’s tendency to have plugged pores.

Do Cairn Terriers have a foul odor?

Yes, your Cairn Terrier’s coat could be the source of his foul odor. But you’ve tried bathing him several times, and all you’ve gotten is an irritated Terrier who still stinks like a dung factory. Cairn Terriers, on the whole, aren’t any more likely than any other breed to stink.

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Do Cairn Terriers respond to commands?

Once you have that, all you have to do is train him to come when called regularly. Of course, constant and thorough obedience training will be required.

Is Cairns allergy-friendly?


When should I bathe my Cairn Terrier?

Every three months, give your Cairn Terrier a full bath. You can also take your dog to a professional groomer to have his coat stripped and trimmed, but this isn’t necessary unless you plan to show them in a dog show.

What’s the best way to brush a Cairn Terrier?

A routine brushing a couple of times a week will serve to keep your Cairn’s coat neat and free of matting. If desired, softly moisten the coat with a spritz of water from a spray bottle before brushing. Then, brush a lovely pin (wire) brush through the coat.


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