California Spangled Cat

California Spangled Cat

Here we can see, “California Spangled Cat”

The California Spangled is a mixed breed cat, a cross of the Angora, Siamese, American Shorthair, Abyssinian, Manx, and British Shorthair breeds. These kittens received some of the best features from all of their parent breeds, making them energetic, devoted, and affectionate.

California Spangled can be found at shelters and breed-specific rescues, so adopt one now! But, if you want to get one of these kitties into your home, don’t go shopping!

The California Spangled Dog was developed to look like a wild cat. These cats are athletic and energetic, but they also have a caring and friendly side that makes them great household cats. Just make sure you have enough space in your home to meet their play and exercise needs, and keep in mind that mixed breeds don’t do well when left alone for long periods.

User Questions

What is the price of a California spangled cat?

The California Spangled is a domestic cat breed bred to look like spotted wild cats such as the ocelot and leopard. They were usually pricey, ranging from $800 to $2,500.

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Are spangled California cats hypoallergenic?

The California Spangled Cat is quite good at cleaning itself, and while combing is a good idea, these cats make very little dander from time to time. Not only do they require less maintenance and upkeep around the house, but they are also hypoallergenic.

What inspired the creation of the California spangled cat?

The “House-Leopard” was bred for a good reason. The California spangled cat was created to seem like a leopard. According to Leakey and Casey, people would be less likely to buy and wear leopard furs if their pets wore a similar-looking coat.

Is it true that California Spangled is a rare bird?

The California Spangled is a domestic cat breed bred to look like spotted wild cats such as the ocelot and leopard. They were only ever an uncommon breed, with only 58 registered when they were first bred in the 1980s. They were usually pricey, ranging from $800 to $2,500.

Is it true that the California Spangled is extinct?

By 2000, the breed had been declared extinct, and its originator had died in 2007. Bengal, Serengeti, Savannah, Ocicat, Cheetoh, Spotted Mist, Egyptian Mau are among the many spotted, wild-looking cats in the cat world today.

What is the lifespan of a California Spangled Cat?

9 to 16 years old

What is the size of a California Spangled Cat?


9-11 inches


8-15 pounds

California Spangled Cat comes in a variety of hues.

  • Red 
  • Blue
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Charcoal
  • Silver
  • Brown
  • White
  • Black
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What is the appearance of a California spangled cat?

The California spangled cat resembles a tiny leopard with its long, thin, muscular frame and low-slung stride. The California spangled cat’s coat comes in various colours, including charcoal, black, silver, bronze, gold, brown, red, blue, and white, with well-defined round, square, triangular, or oval spots.

Is it true that a Cheetoh cat is hypoallergenic?

Proteins in cats saliva provoke human sensitivities to them. So, even if a cat does not shed or is hairless, it can still cause an allergic reaction in allergy sufferers. However, according to some breeders, Cheetoh cats may be less allergic than other cat breeds.

What is the name of the California spangled cat’s common nickname?

The California Spangled cat, often known as the house leopard, has a pleasant, outgoing disposition that contrasts with its ferocious look.


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