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Peaches are safe to consume for dogs. Small amounts of cut-up fresh or frozen peaches are high in fiber and vitamin A and can even help fight infections; however, the pit contains cyanide, just like cherries. Fresh peaches can be a nice summer treat if you completely cut around the pit first.

How to Feed Peaches to Your Dog 

  • Wash the peach first to eliminate any pesticides or other chemicals on the skin. The stem and any leaves should then be removed. Remove the stone from the peach by slicing it.
  • The fresh peach can then be fed to your dog in slices or smaller portions, depending on his size and desire.

User Questions

Is it true that peaches are poisonous to dogs?

Vitamin A and fiber are abundant in peaches. The flesh of a peach is safe for your dog in little, cut-up pieces. Like any food that isn’t a regular part of his diet, Peaches can cause stomach trouble, with the most common symptom being brief diarrhea. Your dog should not be given canned or preserved peaches.

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Can dogs eat peaches that haven’t been peeled?

Dogs can eat both the skin and the flesh of a peach, but carefully wash it to remove any chemicals such as herbicides or pesticides. Before giving your dog a peach, permanently remove the pit and slice the peach into tiny bite-sized portions.

What happens if a dog consumes the entire peach?

To begin with, if your dog swallows a peach pit whole, it could induce choking or an internal obstruction, both of which could result in death. Second, if your dog consumes a large number of peach pits in a short period—or over an extended length of time—the deadly amygdalin in the pit might kill your dog.

What is the maximum amount of peach that is poisonous to dogs?

Because these sweet fruits are high in natural sugars and acidic, just a couple of slices will suffice. Peaches have more calories than other fruits due to their high sugar content.

Is it Ever Bad for Dogs to Eat Peaches?

An upset stomach and diarrhea can result from eating too many high-sugar, high-fiber goodies, but this won’t be a problem if you follow the 90/10 rule. You should limit your dog’s sugar intake since too much sugar can cause diabetes, obesity, and cavities.

The peach pit, commonly known as a stone, is heavy in sugar and contains tiny levels of cyanide, which is harmful to dogs. Cyanide is also present in the stem and leaves. The stone is a choking hazard and can induce an intestinal blockage if swallowed. It’s also abrasive and harsh, harming the esophagus and intestines.

Is it possible for dogs to eat peaches without the pit?

If the pit, leaves, and stem are still attached, peaches are OK for dogs to eat. Like many stone fruits, the peach pit is harmful to your dog’s health, but serving the peach flesh in moderation is safe.

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Can dogs eat nectarines or peaches?

Vitamin C is abundant in nectarines and peaches. Potassium helps a dog’s body regulate fluids and enables many enzymes, muscles, and nerves to perform correctly. At the same time, vitamin A in both peaches and nectarines can strengthen their eye health and improve their skin and fur.


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