Can Guinea Pig Eats Grass

Can Guinea Pig Eats Grass

Here we can see, “Can Guinea Pig Eats Grass”

They certainly can and do. Guinea pigs in the wild spend most of their time grazing in small herds, and the grass is one of their primary sources of nutrition.

Guinea pigs need a lot of roughage in their diet because it keeps their teeth from growing too long. It also offers them nutritional fibre, which is important for their digestive health. For guinea pigs, the grass is one of the best roughage sources.

As a result, if you have a pet guinea pig, you must supply it with plenty of grass or grass hay. Barley, Timothy, and Oaten hay are some of the best grass hays to feed your pig.

On the other hand, alfalfa (Lucerne) or Clover hay should not be fed to guinea pigs since they contain too much protein and calcium to metabolise effectively.

How Often Can A Guinea Pig Eat Grass?

Because grass is so good for guinea pigs and is an important part of their natural diet, they can eat it every day.

The Right Diet Is Crucial

So now you know that guinea pigs eat grass largely as their natural diet! They’ll consume a variety of other plants, so don’t be concerned if the grass you’re providing contains other little plants like chickweed or dandelion.

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Aside from fresh grass, your guinea pig requires the following foods:

  • Fresh hay, preferably oat, orchard, or timothy: Give your piggie more than they can eat. To keep their digestive system operating effectively, they should have access to hay 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Guinea pig food: Check the box for the proper serving size and choose a vitamin C-fortified brand.
  • One cup of fresh leafy green vegetables combined with a few crisp vegetables, preferably divided into two or three smaller meals and served at different times during the day.

Finally, your guinea pig (like with all other animals!) requires a regular clean, freshwater supply. Every day, rinse and refill your cavy’s water bottle.

User Questions

Is grass safe for guinea pigs?

Yes, as long as you pick clean, untreated grass that another animal hasn’t used as a toilet.

Can grass make my guinea pig sick?

Yes, it’s unexpected, but giving your guinea pig too much green grass at once can make them sick. Fresh grass is one of the tastiest foods your guinea pig will ever eat if you give them a gentle introduction.

Can my guinea pig eat grass from the yard?

Yes, it is feasible! You’ll want to double-check that the grass hasn’t been treated with chemicals and that other animals haven’t used that particular patch as a potty.

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Is it OK for my guinea pig to eat grass?

Because guinea pigs’ digestive tracts are meant to handle a lot of forage, it’s okay to eat grass, but you can also give them as much as he wants. Fresh grass is a good source of nutrition, but it comes with a cost: he may need to be dewormed regularly because dirt and grass can contain parasite eggs.

Is grass better than hay for guinea pigs?

Hay is essentially necessary for your guinea pig’s intestinal wellness. Obesity, tooth disease, diarrhoea, and boredom are all prevented. Your guinea pig should have access to high-quality grass hay at all times. Every day, your guinea pig should eat a hay pile the size of his body.


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