Can Guinea Pig Eats Radishes

Can Guinea Pig Eats Radishes

Here we can see, “Can Guinea Pig Eats Radishes”

In moderation, radishes are safe for guinea pigs. We’ll go over all you need to know about feeding radishes to your canine companion, including how to do it safely.

Radish Nutrition Stats

Radishes are crisp and spicy, with a flavour that people either love or loathe – there isn’t much in the middle.

If you eat a complete cup of radish slices, you’ll get approximately:

  • 19 calories
  • 4 g carbohydrates
  • 9 g fibre
  • .8 g protein
  • .1 g fat

Nutritional Values of Radish

Radishes both absorb and create minerals from the soil. Even though they’re largely made of water, they’re fairly nutritious.

The same cup of radish slices yields approximately:

  • 2 mg vitamin C
  • 1 vitamin A
  • 270 mg potassium
  • 29 mg calcium
  • 6 mg magnesium
  • .4 mg iron
  • 5 mcg vitamin K
  • 29 mcg folate
  • 3 mg phosphorus
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How Often Can I Give My Guinea Pig Radishes?

Radish is safe in your guinea pig’s diet as long as you give it to them in moderation. So, what does “in moderation” really mean?

Because of the risk of overfeeding your guinea pig with calcium and phosphorus, radish should only be given once a week to your guinea pig. You should also avoid feeding your piggy radishes any heavy veggies in calcium and oxalates, such as phosphorus.

How Can I Feed My Guinea Pig Radish?

You might be wondering how to serve this crispy and delectable delicacy to your cavy if you’ve opted to do so. Radishes, like other vegetables, are most nutritious when eaten raw. Don’t prepare radishes before putting them in their meal bowl because guinea pigs are supposed to consume raw veggies.

Cut the radish into little cubes that your guinea pig can easily swallow to avoid choking, and mix them with whatever other vegetables you’re providing.

Humans consume the meaty component beneath the radish leaves, which is the root. On the other hand, Guinea pigs can consume both the root and the soft leaves, so give them some chunks of the root along with some fresh, raw radish leaves.

To avoid overfeeding your guinea pig with radish, only give it to them once a week and avoid combining it with other vegetables high in calcium or oxalates.

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Will My Guinea Pig Like Radishes?

Radish is a divisive root vegetable for many people, and it’s likely to be the same for your cavy. Guinea pigs are known for their refined palates, so you might find that they skip the root and go straight for the leaves or disregard both. It’s truly a matter of personal preference, so you’ll have to play around with both portions of the plant.

Don’t worry if your guinea pig only eats the leaves; they also contain nutrients. It’s also worth noting that radish leaves contain a lot of calcium, so don’t overfeed them.

User Questions

Can radishes make my guinea pig sick?

A more likely scenario is that your guinea pig will dislike the bottom half of the radish (the spicy bulb that we people eat!) but will appreciate the upper half. Your cavy should be OK as long as you only offer a few radish tops at a time. Any sudden dietary change, however, can result in diarrhoea and discomfort. To avoid any problems and keep your guinea pig healthy, stick to the suggested amount.

Can guinea pigs eat radishes and celery?

Radishes are another vegetable to avoid, even though they are not harmful to guinea pigs. The main issue with radishes is that, like many other problematic vegetables, you should avoid feeding your guinea pig; they are high in calcium but low in Vitamin C.

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What vegetables are good for guinea pigs?

Fresh veggies should be offered once a day and amount to around one cup for each guinea pig per day. Most of your pig’s fresh vegetables should be leafy greens like romaine lettuce, red and green leaf lettuces, kale, cilantro, and parsley.

Can guinea pigs eat baby corn?

Yes! Mine adores them. You could also give them full-grown corn on the cob discs with a hard centre. It’s perfect for wearing their teeth down.

Can guinea pigs eat pumpkins?

Yes, Guinea Pigs can eat both the peel and the flesh of a pumpkin, but it is better maintained as a treat due to its low nutritional content.


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