Can Hamster Eats Broccoli

Can Hamster Eats Broccoli

Here we can see, “Can Hamster Eats Broccoli”

Yes, they are capable. They appear to appreciate the flavour of this veggie. Because these rats eat various veggies, broccoli should be safe for them to eat. Right?

Well, not so fast. Broccoli should only be given to hamsters in moderation, according to experts. Everything you need to know about hamsters and broccoli is right here.

Are Broccoli Leaves Safe for Hamsters to Eat?

There’s a fair possibility that broccoli and broccoli leaves will appear on any list of the world’s most nutritious veggies.

Despite its low-calorie count, it’s a rich source of protein and healthful fibre, especially the leaves. Even if your hamster doesn’t care for broccoli, you should consider eating it more frequently!

Broccoli in a one-cup serving provides approximately:

  • 55 calories
  • 11 g carbohydrates
  • 5 g fibre
  • 4 g protein
  • .3 g fat
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Is Raw Broccoli Safe for Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters?

What about vitamins and minerals? Please, yes!

Broccoli is high in nutrients, including antioxidants, which protect your cells (and those of your hamster!) from damage.

Broccoli is a nutritious powerhouse, with a one-cup serving providing about:

  • 100 mcg vitamin K
  • 120 mg vitamin A
  • 457 mg potassium
  • 168 mcg folate
  • 101 mg vitamin C
  • .4 mg vitamin B6
  • .4 mg manganese
  • 62 mg calcium
  • 33 mg magnesium
  • 105 mg phosphorus

How Much Broccoli Should You Give Your Hamster?

Broccoli is not always harmful to your hamster; the concern is the amount consumed. According to experts, a hamster should be fine eating a piece of broccoli the size of its head two to three times per week.

As a result, broccoli should be regarded a hamster snack.

Broccoli Preparation for Your Hamster

As previously stated, raw broccoli appears to be a favourite of most hamsters. However, because each hamster is unique, they have preferences. As a result, there’s always the chance that your hamster will appreciate broccoli if it’s prepared in a certain way. It would help if you experimented with several ways of preparing broccoli to see which one your hamster prefers. You’ll be able to keep their diet interesting due to this.

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Broccoli is preferred raw by most people and animals, making it the most convenient way to feed it to your pet hamster. Furthermore, broccoli is most healthy when eaten fresh, as it contains all of its nutrients. Cooking tends to deplete nutrients. As previously stated, your hamster should only eat three little pieces of this vegetable every week.


Broccoli can be steamed to make it softer. As a result, try boiling broccoli once in a while for a different texture. However, because steamed broccoli contains more water than raw broccoli, you should cut the pieces smaller.


Dehydrated broccoli is on the other end of the range. This signifies that practically all of the water has been drained. As you may expect, this is arguably the greatest way to feed your hamster this veggie. Furthermore, the majority of hamsters enjoy dried broccoli bits. Cut raw broccoli into small pieces and place them in a food dehydrator to prepare.


Roasted broccoli is a favourite of everyone, including your hamster. Its crunchy texture is what makes it so popular with hamsters. Seasonings and other additions should not be used while preparing broccoli in this manner, as they may hurt your pet.

User Questions

Is it possible for broccoli to make my hamster sick?

Broccoli can cause gas in the digestive tract, which can cause bloating and discomfort. Broccoli can also cause diarrhoea if consumed in excess. You may solve both problems by starting with modest portions and gradually introducing broccoli to your hamster. If they don’t appear to like it, try different food, such as celery or cucumber.

Can hamsters have broccoli leaves?

Yes! Broccoli leaves are high in nutrients, and many hamsters enjoy eating them. Give a tiny amount at a time — two small leaves or one large leaf.

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Can hamsters eat cooked broccoli?

Yes. While some animals cannot digest cooked vegetables, hamsters can consume cooked broccoli. It’s best if it’s lightly steamed and there’s no spice. Finally, make sure the broccoli is cool before feeding it to your hamster!

Can hamsters eat too much broccoli?

Broccoli can be fed to your hamster twice a week. Approximately one spoonful of broccoli should be fed each time. A condition known as “wet tail” can result from eating too much broccoli. This manifests as watery bowel motions and occurs due to a significant increase in water intake.

Do dwarf hamsters like broccoli?

Broccoli, cucumber, green bell peppers, peas, spinach, and squash are all good choices. Like other small animals, Hamsters enjoy crunchy foods, and fresh veggies satisfy their chewing desire while also offering nutritious snacks.


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