Can Hamster Eats Celery

Can Hamster Eats Celery

Here we can see, “Can Hamster Eats Celery”

Celery is safe for hamsters to eat. It is not only safe but also healthful. If you decide to give your hamster celery, make sure to do so in moderation. If you feed them too much celery, your hamster may become sick, vomit, or have diarrhea.

Celery Nutrition Stats

There’s a reason why people try to lose weight like celery as a snack: It’s surprisingly nutrient-dense, yet it’s also low in calories.

You’d get: if you ate an entire cup of diced raw celery

  • 2 calories
  • 5 g carbohydrates
  • 6 g fiber
  • .7 g protein
  • .2 g fat

Nutritional Values of Celery

Although one of the lowest-calorie foods on the planet, Celery has an impressive nutritional profile.

The same cup of diced raw celery provides roughly:

  • 9 mcg vitamin K
  • 453 iu vitamin A
  • 263 mg potassium
  • 5 mcg folate
  • 1 mg vitamin C
  • 0.1 mg vitamin B6
  • 0.1 mg manganese
  • 4 mg calcium
  • 1 mg magnesium
  • .1 mg riboflavin
  • 24 mg phosphorus
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Benefits of Feeding Celery to Hamsters

Celery is, in fact, a nutritious dietary alternative for hamsters. Celery is high in fiber, which helps the hamster’s digestive system stay in good form, and it’s also high in antioxidants, which assist the hamster’s immune system stay healthy. Celery also contains vitamins A, C, and K, which are essential components for hamsters to grow.

Celery is very low in calories, so hamsters won’t gain weight if they eat it during snack time. This crunchy green vegetable is just as cheap as, if not cheaper than, commercial treats, which is a plus for human hamster owners.

How to Offer Celery to Hamsters

The one disadvantage of celery is that it is stringy, which can cause hamsters to choke. As a result, large celery slices should never be fed to them. Before serving the celery, make sure the stringy veins are removed. To fulfill their love for crunch and appease their appetite between meals, hamsters only require a small amount of celery.

You can offer your hamster around 1/2 teaspoon of celery sliced up as a snack; more may make them bloated or digesting difficult. Here are some alternative methods to feed celery to your hamster.

  • Use it as a flavor enhancer.  To increase the nutritional value of your hamster’s commercial diet, finely cut celery and mix it in with it at mealtime. This can also assist them in avoiding becoming dehydrated after eating.
  • Blend it. If your hamster is feeling under the weather, you can make a veggie broth for them by blending a bit of celery with water. It will deliver nutrition without causing their digestive system to become overburdened.
  • Make fun treats. Cut celery into little bead-sized pieces and roll them in peanut butter to coat. Before biting into the celery, your hamster should enjoy working their way through the peanut.
  • Celery is high in water. However, it should never be used to replace the presence of fresh, clean water in a hamster’s environment. Celery isn’t the only fresh food that hamsters may and should consume. Try giving your animal friend small parts of carrot, broccoli florets, cucumber slices, mango slices, or a few sprigs of fresh parsley.
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User Questions

Can celery make my hamster sick?

If your hamster isn’t used to fresh food, celery may induce diarrhea, and if you don’t remove the long, fibrous strands, they may irritate your hamster’s digestive tract or create dental problems. Celery is a healthy treat for your hamster if properly prepared and introduced.

Can my hamster have celery leaves?

Yes! Celery leaves are popular for hamsters. Only give your hamster a small amount to avoid an upset stomach – perhaps one large or two small leaves.

Is celery safe for hamsters?

Yes! Giving celery to a hamster is safe. Remember to remove the stiff fibrous threads, thoroughly wash them, and introduce them slowly.

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How much celery can I give my hamster?

Yes! Celery leaves are popular for hamsters. Only give your hamster a small amount to avoid an upset stomach – perhaps one large or two small leaves.

Do dwarf hamsters like celery?

Broccoli, cauliflower, and kale are all crisp vegetables that he eats. Cucumbers, celery, red and green peppers, bok choy, and sweet potatoes are healthy veggies. Beans and legumes are also good options. Nuts and seeds are fine, but eat them in moderation due to their high-fat content.


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