Chow Chow

Chow Chow

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Chow chows appear and act like kings, with their regal, distinct stance and independent disposition. Chow chows aren’t big snugglers, but they’ll be loyal companions to their immediate family.

The chow chow is the dog world’s dazzling, elegant lion. He has lion-like traits, such as a magnificent long mane around his neck and a scowling, why-did-you-wake-me-up-from-my-nap face. Chows are reserved, quiet, and don’t require a lot of exercises—they don’t believe in the “runner’s high.” They’ll be pleased with their own family, but strangers can make them aloof and wary. He’s a fantastic apartment dog because he’s quiet and clean. Chow chow is devoted to his family and is an agreeable companion for the right home.

User Questions

Is it true that Chow Chows are aggressive?

Chow chows aren’t known for being extroverted or social canines. However, they are wary of strangers and might be aggressive towards other dogs. Chow chows are bright dogs, but they can be difficult to teach due to independence and stubbornness.

What are the prices of Chow Chows?

A Chow Chow of your own will set you back around $900. The average grooming cost for this medium-sized dog is $90. Chow Chows have a 12- to 15-year life expectancy, and regular healthcare costs might reach $11,000.

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Is the Chow Chow an excellent dog to have?

A Chow Chow is an excellent choice for a family dog because it is devoted to and protective of its human family. But unfortunately, this fluffy-coated pup has been placed on the insurance blacklist due to a penchant for overprotection and a reputation for being an aggressive breed.

Is Chow Chow a snoozer?

Chow chows are America’s laziest dogs, according to statistics shared exclusively with Business Insider. The average chow chow in the United States spends only 43 minutes and 22 seconds a day outside. If you walk your dog three times a day, each walk will take less than 14 minutes and 27 seconds.

What is the average lifespan of Chow Chow dogs?

8-12 years

What is the size of a Chow Chow?


17-20 inches


45-70 pounds

What colors does Chow Chow come in?

  • Red
  • Cream
  • Fawn
  • Black
  • Blue

Do Chow Chows shed their hair?

Brush your Chow Chow three times per week to keep the coat in good shape and prevent loose hair from dropping on your clothes and furniture. Chow Chows shed a lot in the spring and summer, so their coat needs additional attention. However, if the coat is brushed frequently, they do not have a canine odor.

Is it true that Chow Chows bite?

Chow-Chows are considered quiet and gentle dogs, but they are also frequently described as an aggressive breed that bites people, tiny children.

Are Chow Chows uncommon?

Because of their likeness to teddy bears, modern-day Chow Chows are pretty popular. They are medium-sized dogs with a thick coats and fluffy fur. Some “breeders” try to persuade potential customers that their dogs have a “rare” or “special” coat color when a dog breed is popular.

Are Chow Chows suitable as family pets?

Chow Chows are kind and loyal dogs who make excellent pets in the right home. However, like all dogs, they require a lot of love and attention and owners who are ready to deal with their independent personalities.

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Do owners’ chow chows turn on them?

Chow Chow, I say. This dog may appear a fluffy, lovely cloud, but don’t be fooled by its innocent appearance. Because they want to show supremacy over everything, Chow Chows are known for having a terrible attitude. Their protective nature exacerbates this negative attitude, and they may attack outsiders as a result.

Is it true that chow chows snooze a lot?

They get along well with families and children in general, but strangers make them nervous. They are also relatively quiet, which adds to their uniqueness. They sleep for 12 to 14 hours every day on average.

Will a Chow Chow be able to defend me?

Chows are incredibly faithful and frequently form strong bonds with a single family member. They’re also quite protective of their owners and make excellent security dogs. They’re usually tolerant to youngsters and other pets if they’ve been raised with them. However, if another animal or child approaches, the owner should be wary.


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