Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit

Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit

Here we can see, “Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit”

The Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits are among the cutest animals on the planet, yet they are critically endangered and cannot be kept as pets. They face several obstacles in the wild and in captivity, including predation and breeding, being an endearingly small undomesticated rabbit breed.

Because they are an endangered species, Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits are not suited as pets. Instead, experts, scientists, and professionals should look after these bunnies to safeguard the breed’s survival. Despite the fact that there are no more purebreds, scientists are advocating for their numbers to be increased.

Continue reading to learn more about Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits. Even if you are unable to possess one of these cute rabbits, you should still learn about them. If more people were educated about these wonderful rabbits, we might be able to save them.

The endangered Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit is a tiny rabbit breed. These little bunnies, which weigh less than a pound and have been around for at least 100,000 years, are endemic to Washington state and the neighbouring territories. Its breed is genetically distinct from other rabbits, allowing it to stand out.

Despite their diminutive stature, these rabbits are exceptionally adorable due to their silky and fluffy fur. They can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer thanks to their fur. The colour of all Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits is greyish brown.

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The Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit is also unique in that it is the only native rabbit in the United States that builds its own burrow. In other words, they will not survive in an animal-made hole. As a result, they have claws that are perfect for burrowing and hiding from predators.

Despite the fact that this type of rabbit is free of certain diseases, it does not have a lengthy life expectancy. Due to predation, their life expectancy is only 3 to 5 years at best.

These small rabbits were classified as endangered in 2001, with only 16 left in the wild. In 2009, Bryn, the only genetically pure Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit, died. Bryn’s descendants are starting to come back to different parts of the world that are being kept an eye on because of conservation efforts.

The Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit is not ideal for keeping as a pet because it is an endangered species. They demand a large amount of room as well as specialised maintenance. Instead, Mini Rex rabbits, Mini Satin Rabbits, and Dutch Dwarf Rabbits make excellent pets. They’re adorable and cuddly, but they’re not endangered.

User Questions

How long do Pygmy Rabbits in the Columbia Basin live?

3 – 5 years

What is the size of a Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit?


8 – 11 inches


453 – 620 grams

What colours are Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits?

Grayish brown

How Much Do Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits Cost?

Because of their endangered status, Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits are not for sale. As a result, we were unable to determine a particular price for these rabbits. Anyone selling Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits is breaking the law.

If you truly want a Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit, you should consider alternative pygmy breeds, as we already said. The Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit is one of the most popular pygmy rabbit breeds.

Depending on the breeder and area, this rabbit will cost between $30 and $90. This rabbit is more expensive than other domesticated rabbits, but for someone who desires a miniature rabbit like the Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit, it may be worth it.

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Is the pygmy rabbit no longer alive?

Pygmy rabbits have state and federal endangered designations due to their small stature. In North America, they are the smallest rabbit species, and they live in the shrub-steppe habitats in Washington state.

Are pygmy rabbits in the Columbia Basin extinct?

In the Columbia Basin, pygmy rabbits currently number in the hundreds, but they are still far from being a resilient and healthy population.

Pygmy rabbits: are they uncommon?

Because of population losses and the removal of sagebrush habitat, the pygmy rabbit is extremely rare. Farms have taken over regions with deep soil, which rabbit burrows require. The Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit was declared an endangered species in 2003.

Do dwarf rabbits make suitable indoor pets?

Yes, Netherland Dwarf rabbits make terrific pets if you prefer cute, cuddly, and small animals. This rabbit breed is more wary than other domestic rabbit varieties. They’re also smaller and thus more sensitive.


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