Continental Giant Rabbit

Continental Giant Rabbit

Here we can see, “Continental Giant Rabbit”

The Continental Giant rabbit is a breed of absolutely epic proportions, having held the record for “biggest rabbit in the world” for many years. The biggest of these European-born brutes can be hard to miss, as they can grow to be over 4 feet long.

Due to its very docile demeanour and ability to be trained, the Continental Giant has found loving homes across the country, often outsizing even medium-sized dog breeds. If you’re looking for a rabbit breed that’s different from the rest, keep reading to learn more about the Continental Giant.

The Continental Giant, thought to be a descendant of Flemish Giant rabbits and wild European hares, has been a recognised breed in Europe since the late 1800s. Their ancestors may be traced back to the mid-16th century in Belgium, when they were known as German Giant Rabbits.

Although nothing is known about the original origins of this enormous breed, it has been presented in British Rabbit Competition exhibitions from the early 1900s. They have captivated the public’s interest for well over a century, being described as a “large, substantial bunny providing an image of authority.”

User Questions

What is the lifespan of a continental giant rabbit?

4 – 5 years

What is the size of a Continental Giant Rabbit?


17 – 23 inches


5443 – 13,607 grams

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What colors are Continental Giant Rabbit?

  • Black
  • White
  • Dark and light steel
  • Chestnut agouti
  • Red agouti
  • Opal
  • Yellow
  • Chinchilla

Are giant rabbits from the continent excellent pets?

The gigantic Continental rabbit is a very placid and quiet animal that makes excellent family pets and companions. When they’re inside, they normally jump around the home and, as they get to know their owners, will even perch on their laps.

What does a massive continental bunny cost?

The price of a Continental Giant is now between $300.00 and $500.00. If you pick it up personally, add your travel charges—or transporter fees if you have it shipped to you. Some breeders will even deliver it to you by hand (either by ground or air).

A gigantic continental rabbit needs how much space?

A huge rabbit demands significantly more space than a little rabbit. Vets recommend that their living quarters allow them to hop in one direction for at least three consecutive hops. This means that their safe living space must be between 12 and 20 feet square.

What is the average daily consumption of Continental Giant rabbits?

While the size and appetite levels of various Contis may vary, the basic rule is “the more the better.” In reality, these large bunnies demand an infinite supply of fresh water and can eat up to 12 cups of high-quality pellets per day. Contis should be given unlimited hay as well.

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How far can a massive continental rabbit leap?

Giant rabbits can reach heights of over 4 feet when stretched out or standing on their hind legs, and they should be able to hop at least three times in a row in either direction, for a total of 12 feet.

Do enormous rabbits have teeth?

Giant rabbits are also popular as house bunnies. When it comes to house rabbits, huge bunnies require special attention. Rabbits’ teeth are constantly expanding, indicating that they enjoy chewing.

Why is my rabbit suddenly biting at me?

Rabbits bite to assert authority, guard their food, or protect themselves from predators. For no apparent reason, a dominating bunny may bite an owner. When their owner comes too close to the rabbit’s territory, indoor rabbits may nip at their hands and/or feet.


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