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Conures are a group of parrots and other birds with some common characteristics. They’re found throughout the world, including Africa and Asia, but they’re thought to have originated in South America.

The word “conjure” stems from an old French term that meant “parakeet,” which was the name given to these animals at the time.

Because of its brilliant plumage, friendliness toward humans, and ability to mimic speech like other larger parrot species such as macaws, conures have been popular with humans for ages.

User Questions

Is it possible to keep a conure as a pet?

Conures make good pets since they are active and colourful. These adorable tiny birds are easy to tame, learn to speak a few phrases, and have charming personalities. They are curious and enjoy receiving attention and affection from their owners. They can keep their owners, and themselves entertained for hours.

Can conures communicate?

Conures aren’t the finest talkers in general, preferring to imitate other sounds like an alarm clock blaring. However, after numerous training sessions, the blue-crowned conure may learn various words and phrases.

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Are conures suitable for novices?

Sun conures are great for novices if you have sufficient space and time to raise them. Adopting a parrot, like any other type of parrot, is never a wise decision unless you have the financial means to care for them.

Do conures enjoy cuddling?

On the other hand, these conures are generally seen as devoted friends. Many people appreciate being petted and tolerate being handled. Some of them will even cling to your neck or cheek. These birds yearn to be with you and require hours of daily attention.

Is it true that conures are untidy birds?

On the other hand, poop every 15-20 minutes. The good news is that you aren’t doomed to live in a house filled with bird crap. While owning a bird, you have several alternatives for keeping your home clean.

What is the average lifespan of a conure?

20-30 years

What is the size of a conure?


10 – 20 inches


60 – 80 grams

Conures come in a variety of colours.

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow

What are the words that conures can utter?

Because green cheek conures aren’t known for their speaking abilities, they best learn short 1-2 syllable words or phrases. You may teach your bird phrases like “I love you,” “beautiful bird,” and “Hello.”

Are conures a noisy bird?

Conures aren’t afraid to let you know when anything bothers them with their sounds. Despite being much smaller than many raucous parrots, conures may be just as loud. When these birds cry, they may be heard from kilometres away, causing headaches for caregivers and neighbours.

Is it possible to leave conures alone?

Because parrots only require a few hours of daily attention, you may leave your green cheek conure alone for 8-10 hours at work and spend quality time with them at home. It’s essential to have someone babysit your bird if you have to leave town.

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Are conures abrasive?

Conures can be abrasive. Once they’ve grown out of the “baby stage,” they’re likely to use their beaks to “discipline us,” as most parrots do. It is critical to learn to understand them and guide their conduct before developing an unhealthy habit.

Is it possible to teach a conure?

Having a conure is a struggle in and of itself, and training is no different. These parrots are known for doing precisely what they want when they want. It can be challenging to persuade them that training will benefit them. It is, nevertheless, possible with enough patience and perseverance.

Is it necessary for conures to be in pairs?

Green-cheek conures can be kept alone to form bonds with their pet parents or in pairs to form bonds with one another. Birds of different species should not be housed together.


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