Dartmoor Pony

Dartmoor Pony

Here we can see, “Dartmoor Pony”

Dartmoor ponies are semi-feral horses native to Devon County in southwestern England. The Dartmoors are a working animal in the local tin and limestone mines and are known for their strength and tenacity.

Domesticated ponies have been living on Dartmoor since 1500 BC, according to archaeological examinations conducted in the 1970s. Dartmoor ponies were also marked and branded according to written records reaching back to 1012 AD.

Dartmoor correctional officers employed ponies to convey prisoners from the early to mid-twentieth century. The purebred Dartmoors were often utilized for pulling big goods from mines throughout the Middle Ages. However, their numbers declined in the early nineteenth century because Shetland ponies were introduced into the breeding stock to create ideal pit ponies.

Dartmoor’s physical qualities were refined by adding Arab, Welsh, and Fell pony blood. The Polo Pony Society began registering the breed in 1898, and a studbook was established in 1924. Because of the demographic declines caused by World Wars, the registration procedure was hampered. Nonetheless, their numbers increased following the end of the two world wars when locals began checking and registering the ponies.

The Dartmoor Pony Moorland Scheme (DPMS) was established in 1988 by the Duchy of Cornwall and the Dartmoor Pony Society to widen the gene pool and regulate the diminishing population of Dartmoor Ponies. The Dartmoor Pony Preservation Scheme (DPPS), established in 2004, requires one mare from each member herd to compete each year.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of a Dartmoor Pony?

25 – 30 years

What is the size of a Dartmoor pony?


44 – 49 inches


441 – 705 pounds

Dartmoor Pony comes in what colors?

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Roan
  • Bay
  • Chestnut
  • Skewbald
  • Piebald
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The Dartmoor Pony is a gentle breed of horse. This makes it an excellent mount for children, particularly those just learning to ride.

Is it true that Dartmoor ponies are rare?

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust recognizes the true to type Dartmoor Pony with known breeding as a rare breed, and it is representative of the ponies seen in the show ring at County Shows around the United Kingdom.

Is it possible for adults to ride Dartmoor ponies?

The Dartmoor Pony is well-known for being a fantastic children’s pony that little adults can ride.

Is the Dartmoor Pony at risk of extinction?

The lineage The Dartmoor pony is officially classified as an endangered rare breed (www.rbst.org.uk), but diligent breeders are working hard to enhance the quantity and value of these beautiful native ponies.

Why are Dartmoor ponies on the verge of extinction?

During WWII, when the army utilized the moor as a training location, the breed was seriously threatened, but dedicated owners saved it. Later, mechanization drove the breed to extinction.

What is the maximum weight that a pony of 12hh can carry?

This restriction would limit his rider and equipment to a combined weight of 220 to 240 pounds. The figure most commonly used is 20% of its weight. A regular little pony, for example, weighs roughly 500 pounds. Together, his rider and saddle should not weigh more than 100 pounds under that guideline.

Do Dartmoor ponies have to be culled?

Because no one wants the ponies that have roamed Dartmoor for 2,000 years, they are being culled. A herd of 30,000 ponies fifty years ago was employed as pack animals in tin mines and to transport the wool to market. Even though they are wild and untrained, each animal is owned by one of 85 farmers.

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Is it possible to pet Dartmoor ponies?

Since prehistoric times, Dartmoor has been home to ponies. Even though herds of ponies roam the moor freely, they all belong to different pony keepers. Because most of them have never been handled, you should avoid approaching them too closely.

Are Dartmoor ponies suitable for kids?

Because there are less than 1,000 breeding mares left, the Dartmoor is classified as rare. Today, the Dartmoor pony is regarded as an outstanding child’s pony; however, little adults ride them.

What do the ponies in Dartmoor eat?

The ponies are inextricably linked to the landscape, and they both shape and are shaped by it. They eat the gorse that sheep and cattle won’t touch, and they crush bracken and brambles, preserving the heathland that attracts birds and insects and supports a varied range of wildflowers.


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