Derbyan Parakeet

Derbyan Parakeet

Here we can see, “Derbyan Parakeet”

The Derbyan parakeet, also known as Lord Derby’s parakeet, is a rare and attractive parrot native to India’s and Tibet’s hilly and mountainous terrains and China’s Sichuan Yunnan provinces. They’re intelligent, gregarious, and friendly birds that make excellent pets, yet they’re quickly bored and require a lot of stimulation, care, and toys!

The Derbyan parakeet is endemic to the Himalayan subalpine conifer forests of north-eastern India, south-eastern Tibet, and southern China, where it can be found in the Himalayan sub-alpine conifer forests.

Derbyan parakeets are regrettably a threatened breed, despite their relatively isolated environment. This is due to deforestation, and an illicit poaching trade fueled primarily by wealthy bird owners in China, where Derbyan parakeets are cherished pets. As a result, the species is still endangered, despite continued efforts to repopulate it in the wild and in captivity.

Derbyan parakeets fly in groups of 40 to 60 birds, pairing off for the breeding season (April to June) and raising their young in tree hollows until they’re ready to leave the nest—roughly eight to nine weeks after incubation.

User Questions

Can Derbyan parrots talk?

The Derbyan parakeet is a capable talker, despite its ordinarily quiet nature. However, these parrots will have a limited vocabulary and repeat the words and phrases they hear the most.

Do Derbyan parrots make a lot of noise?

Derbyan parakeets frequently build their nests in tree cavities created by woodpeckers. Their green and black feathers let them blend in with the forest’s trees and dappled sunshine. These loud birds are frequently seen in flocks of roughly 40 individuals.

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What is the average lifespan of Derbyan parrots?

30 years

What is the size of a Derbyan parrot?


18 – 20 inches


300 – 320 grams

Derbyan parrots come in a variety of colours.

  • Green
  • Blue

Do Derbyan parakeets communicate?

Although many Derbyan parakeets enjoy talking and can be rather boisterous, it is not a necessary trait of the species, and some will prefer to live quietly.

Are Derbyan parrots suitable as pets?

Derbyan parakeets make excellent pets. Once it has become accustomed to you and happy in its new home, this magnificent bird will quickly become a loving and peaceful pet with more than a few tricks and mimics under its sleeve.

What causes parakeets to scream?

When bored, terrified, or lacking anything in their environment, budgies may cry all the time. When your budgie screams in the dark, it could be suffering from night fear. If your budgie has separation anxiety, it will scream when you leave the room. If the budgie is startled by a cat, it will scream for help.

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What causes a parakeet’s puffiness?

Puffing up is a technique used by birds to conserve body heat. On frigid winter days, you may observe that birds appear “fuller.” This is because birds fluff up their feathers to trap as much air as possible. The warmer they are, the more air they trap.

Why do my parakeets kiss each other?

When parakeets and other birds “kiss,” they express approval and affection for one another. Rather than human love, it’s a gesture of camaraderie in birds. Friendship birds groom each other on occasion, gather together on their perches, and sleep snuggled together.

Is it true that male parakeets cuddle?

Parakeets enjoy cuddling, especially if they have been socialised with humans for the first six months. Early socialisation tells birds that humans are safe to be around and encourages them to accept you as a member of their flock. You can induce this kind of affection by chatting to your parakeet frequently.


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