Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot

Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot

Here we can see, “Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot”

Because of its beautiful colouring and ability to collect an extensive vocabulary, the double yellow-headed Amazon parrot, also known as the yellow-headed parrot, is one of the most popular companion Amazons. They’ve been kept in captivity since the 1500s by everyone from pirates to royalty and are said to have a more stable temperament than the equally endowed yellow-naped Amazon. These birds are exceptionally gifted in learning opera and other types of singing, which makes them delightful companions.

The substantial amount of yellow above the head, with flecks of yellow spreading to the back and neck, and yellow feathers on the legs, distinguishes these 14 to 16-inch active birds. The shoulders are bright red, while the remainder of the body is dark green. The beak is horn coloured, and the ring around the eye is white. Immature birds are primarily green, with a smidgeon of yellow above the beak and a hint of red on the shoulders. They reach full colour at around 3 to 5 years of age when they reach maturity.

User Questions

Are Amazons with yellow heads aggressive?

Although individual birds differ, yellow-naped Amazons are delightful as young birds, but as they grow older, they tend to become nippy, if not outright aggressive, especially the males. They are known for their mood swings and ferocious attacks on their owners.

What is the price of a double yellow-headed Amazon parrot?

Check animal shelters and rescue organisations before buying a double yellow-headed Amazon from a bird store or breeder. A breeder can charge anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000 for one.

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Are Amazons with golden crowns friendly pets?

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are bright birds who make ideal pets for anyone who wants to build a strong bond with their pet. They are one of the most popular Amazon parrot species due to their outstanding speaking ability.

What is the lifespan of a double yellow-headed Amazon parrot?

60 – 80 years

What is the size of a double yellowed Amazon parrot?


15 – 17 inches


450 – 650 grams

Double yellowed Amazon parrots come in a variety of colours.


Are Amazons soft and cuddly?

When kept as pets, they are affectionate and build close ties with their owners. They are an excellent alternative for bird owners who desire a considerable parrot but want a bird with a more laid-back attitude due to their friendly disposition.

Do Amazon parrots and dogs get along?

Yes, dogs and parrots may live in harmony with one another, and a dog and a parrot can have a pleasant relationship.

What causes the Amazon parrots to scream?

Amazons scream for a variety of reasons. They usually do so to attract your attention when their owner leaves the room or when they expect you to look at them and engage with them. Another factor to consider is stress, so pay attention to your bird’s behaviour and body language.

Is it possible for a yellow parrot to communicate?

The Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot is the most popular of the Amazon Parrot genus. The Yellow-Naped Amazon may be the bird for you if you desire a chatty bird. Many of them even go on to become accomplished singers.

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What foods are forbidden to Amazon parrots?

The following foods should never be served to your bird:

  • Alcohol.
  • Avocado.
  • Cassava (tapioca)
  • Dairy products.
  • Meat.
  • Chocolate or cocoa.
  • Peanuts.
  • Fruit seeds and pits.

Which Amazon parrot is the most obnoxious?

Parrots aren’t known for being quiet pets. They use a range of noises to communicate with other parrots in the wild. Smaller parrots are usually much quieter than larger parrots, even though all parrots vocalise regularly. Parrotlets are the quietest parrots, with an average noise level of 65 dB.

What is the intelligence of Amazon parrots?

Amazon parrots are highly clever birds with a reputation for being extroverted and talkative. They acclimate well to life in captivity, effortlessly adjusting to their cage or aviary. Amazons necessitate a lot of mental stimulation. An Amazon parrot is prone to behavioural issues if not given enough attention, social engagement, and toys.


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