Dumbo Rat

Dumbo Rat

Here we can see, “Dumbo Rat”

The Dumbo Rat is the most popular domesticated rat kept as a pet, and it has been bred for companionship for so long that it is docile and pleasant.

Their history, on the other hand, is a dreadful one. In the 18th and 19th centuries, they were used as targets in blood sports, and strangely, being bred for death is one of the reasons the species has survived. They’re also commonly used in medical research, so they’re still risking their lives for humans today.

While many people are put off by the thought of having a rat as a pet, dumbo rats are far cleaner than their wild counterparts, and they are no more likely than dogs, cats, or other small rodents like hamsters to carry diseases or parasites.

Due to a natural mutation that causes them to have round ears, huge heads, small jaws, and wide eyes, Dumbo rats are significantly cuter than most other varieties of rats. These characteristics combine to give them a childlike appearance.

They are, however, not a different species from “scary-looking” rats; they are simply a cuter version. As a result, they’ll share a lot of the same behaviours and preferences, despite the fact that generations of domestication have given them various habits and made them susceptible to different diseases.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of Dumbo rats?

2 – 3 years

What is the size of a Dumbo rat?


15 – 22 inches


600 – 680 grams

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What colors are Dumbo rats?

  • Agouti
  • Black
  • Lilac
  • Fawn

What Is the Price of Dumbo Rats?

You should anticipate paying between $10 and $20 for a dumbo rat from a breeder or pet store, though particular hues of rat may cost a little more. Many pounds and small animal rescues, on the other hand, accept dumbo rats, so you might be able to get one for free or at a low adoption cost.

Is it true that dumbo rats are cuddly?

They’ll even groom their human friends as if they were other rats in their “rat pack.” Pet rats are extremely affectionate and like the warmth and contact of their caregivers.

Is a Dumbo rat a good pet?

They’re noted for their lovely looks and their nice, docile personalities. Dumbos are frequently referred to as the “rat so cute that even those who are afraid of rats would fall in love with it!” They’re relatively easy to look after and may thrive in even the tiniest of spaces.

Are dumbo rats intelligent?

Dumbos appear to have the same intelligence and learning ability as other rats, despite the fact that the gene or genes producing the dumbo mutation have not been formally explored. Dumbo rats, like others with less noticeable ears, are bright and fast to learn.

Do dumbo rats carry diseases?

Yes, rats have been implicated in the spread of several of history’s most well-known diseases. The bubonic plague, often known as the black death, is one of them. Humans can contract a variety of viruses, germs, and parasites from rodents.

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Do rats have menstrual cycles?

In research facilities, mice and rats play a vital role. However, those little rodents fall short when it comes to examining the reproductive health of about half of the world’s population because they do not menstruate like people do. That is to say, almost none of them do.

Is it true that rats miss their owners?

One of the reasons they are so popular as pets is their intelligence. Although rats have the ability to recall their owners, the possibility of a caged rat remembering its owner after a long absence is dependent on a number of conditions.

Is rat faeces poisonous?

Food poisoning is a form of salmonellosis. When a rat or mouse walks through its own droppings or pees and subsequently goes through human food, bacteria from the droppings and urine can contaminate the meal, potentially making someone sick if they eat the infected food unintentionally.


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