Dutch Draft

Dutch Draft

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The enormously built Dutch Draft, also known as the Nederlands Trekpaard, is a breed of draught horses similar in build and look to the Belgian Draft and Ardennes horses. Dutch Drafts are currently utilized for recreation and have competed in dressage contests in addition to driving and farm work.

The Dutch Draft was produced a few years after World War I by breeding native Zeeland draught mares with Brabant and Ardennes blood. It was one of the most famous horse breeds in the Netherlands, especially in North Brabant, Zeeland, and Groningen, where it was widely utilized in agricultural and farm work. The population of heavy draught horses declined after World War II due to greater mechanization and motorization. However, a few healthy breeding animals were saved by breeders and enthusiasts. In the early twentieth century, the “Koninklijke Vereniging Het Nederlandse Trekpaard en de Haflinger” was founded to preserve the breed.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of a Dutch Draft Horse?

35+ years

What is the size of a Dutch Draft Horse?


61 – 64 inches


  • Male: 1653 pounds
  • Female: 1543 pounds

Dutch Draft Horses come in a variety of hues.

  • Chestnut
  • Bay
  • Gray
  • Occasionally black
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The most outstanding feature of the Dutch Draft is its disposition, not its strength or size. It’s a quiet horse that’s docile, obedient, and easy to handle. Even though the Dutch Draft can act swiftly when necessary, its movements are deliberate and precise.

Do you know how to ride a Dutch draught horse?

Teresa Stull of the Percheron Horse Association of America in Fredericktown, Ohio, replied, “Yes, you can ride your draught horse(s).” Ranches that offer guided trail rides are increasing, including draught horses into their stable.

What are the purposes of Dutch draughts?

The Dutch Draft horse is a breed of horse that originated in Holland. It was utilized for farm work and heavy draught. In Holland, draught breeding aims to produce a gigantic, massive horse that is robust and well-built. 16 h.h. is the average height.

What is the total number of Dutch Draft horses?

Today’s Dutch Draft: There are so few Dutch Drafts left (about 1424 at last count); they’re usually seen in competitions at agricultural fairs. Because they are not appropriate for sports, they are generally employed for pleasure and farm work.

What is the price of a Dutch draught horse?

The price ranges from around $4,000 to several million dollars. Totilas, a black stallion, was sold to a German trainer for around 11 million Euros. The Dutch Warmblood, a premium performance breed, is a large, impressive horse with a pleasant temperament.

Is it possible for a draught horse to jump?

While draught horses are not built for jumping, they can often leap modest courses without becoming dangerous if adequately trained.

How many different draught horse breeds are there?

The classic list in North America included five draught horse breeds: Belgian, Clydesdale, Percheron, Shire, and Suffolk. Draft horses are defined by the Draft Cross Breeders and Owners Association as the following breeds: American Cream Draft. Ardennes.

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Is there such a thing as a warmblood horse?

Warmbloods are a group of middle-weight horse breeds that originated predominantly in Europe and are registered with organizations that have an open studbook policy, studbook selection, and the goal of breeding for equestrian sport.

Do draught horses enjoy being pulled?

Strong enough to pull a semi-truck. Shires were previously capable of pulling 50 tonnes, or the weight of a semi-truck, plus an additional 20,000 pounds. Draft horses pulling a big load of logs in a 1940 image.

Are our warmblood horses suitable for novice riders?

Irish Sport Horses make excellent first horses. A typical Irish Sport Horse results from a cross between a Thoroughbred and an Irish Draught Horse. However, be mindful that Thoroughbreds can occasionally produce high-spirited horses. Warmbloods contain many qualities that a beginner rider seeks in a horse.

Which horse breed is the gentlest?

  • American Quarter Horse.
  • Morgan Horse.
  • Appaloosa Horse.
  • Norwegian Fjord.
  • Connemara Pony.


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