Estrela Mountain Dog

Estrela Mountain Dog

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The Estrela Mountain Dog is a huge guard dog native to Portugal’s Estrela Mountains. It’s one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, and it comes in both long and short coat varieties. It will have floppy ears and a bushy tail and shading or black patterns throughout the coat. It’s a big, athletic dog with a calm, fearless demeanour. Continue reading to learn more about this ancient breed and determine whether it would make a good companion for your home.

User Questions

Are mountain dogs from Estrela friendly?

They’re generally friendly and protective, although they could accidentally knock a toddler over during play. Even yet, for youngsters who learn how to approach and play with dogs appropriately from a young age, the Estrela Mountain Dog may be an excellent, devoted companion.

Is it common for Estrela mountain dogs to bark a lot?

They are fiercely loyal to their owners and make excellent watchdogs or security dogs, barking when something is amiss. The Estrela can be suspicious of strangers and require early socialisation to guarantee healthy interaction.

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What is the cost of an Estrela Mountain Dog?

Because few breeders produce these enormous breeders, you may anticipate paying between $1,500 and $2,000 for your Estrela Mountain Dog.

What is the amount of shedding that Estrela mountain dogs produce?

As long as the leadership is evident, you will love living with your Estrela Mountain Dog. Grooming is relatively simple for most of the year — simply a weekly brushing — but they shed extensively twice a year and require multiple daily brushings.

Do mountain dogs from the Estrela breed drool?

Long and short coats can be found on the Estrela Mountain Dog. The long-haired form has short hair around the face and is heavily feathered on the lower body and tail. The dog’s lips are pursed, and he isn’t prone to drooling. They have uncropped ears that are tiny, triangular, and rose in shape.

What is the lifespan of Estrela mountain dogs?

12-16 years

What is the size of an Estrela mountain dog?


26-28 inches


88 – 110 pounds

Estrela mountain dogs come in a variety of colours.

  • Brindle
  • Fawn
  • Grey
  • Yellow

Is it simple to train an Estrela Mountain Dog?

Yes, they learn quickly due to their intelligence and keen observation, sometimes even what they shouldn’t (opening taps and doors, including the refrigerator, removing cables and plugs from electrical outlets, etc.).

Is the Estrela mountain dog a rare breed?

Because the Estrela Mountain Dog is a somewhat uncommon breed outside of Portugal, finding a breed-specific rescue may be challenging.

Do mountain dogs from the Estrela breed shed?

The Estrela Mountain Dog makes a beautiful family pet due to its calm, protective attitude and love of children. Despite its thick, wavy coat, the Estrela Mountain Dog’s shedding is not a severe worry for its owners.

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Is it possible for a puppy to become pregnant?

When a puppy reaches sexual maturity, she can become pregnant and have a litter of her own. Female puppies as early as 5 months old have been known to get pregnant.

Why do male dogs cry when they see a female dog?

The estrus period in dogs lasts about 18 days on average.

What is the source of my male dog’s constant whining?

Excitement, anticipation, nervousness, or anxiety are some of the reasons your male dog is whimpering so much. If a nearby female dog is in heat, this behaviour may intensify.

When female dogs mate, do they experience pain?

In ideal circumstances, all of this happens without causing any pain or suffering to your female dog. However, differences in mating patterns do occur from time to time, which can directly impact how your dog acts. For example, she can try to move away from the male during the bind.


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