Fat-tailed Gerbils

Fat-tailed Gerbils

Here we can see, “Fat-tailed Gerbils”

The only other gerbil commonly kept as a pet outside of its native areas is the fat-tailed gerbil. However, they’re only gaining traction in pet retailers across North America and the European continent.

These gerbils may be distinguished from Mongolian gerbils exclusively by the width of their tails. They got their moniker for a reason: they have a short, club-shaped, thick tail that grows to around 2 inches in length. Their tails are unique because this gerbil species uses them to retain fats and water. Because a happy fat-tailed gerbil has a lovely, rounded tail, it serves as a good indicator of their health.

At this time, fat-tailed gerbils are not popular enough to be selectively bred. Therefore, they only come in one style of coat. Their fur is silky, thick, and fluffy, with a speckled yellow-grey pattern that fades into white below. They can reach a length of 4 inches from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail and live for 5-7 years.

The fat-tailed gerbil is a desert gerbil native to northern Africa. In 1880, French biologist Fernand Lataste discovered and documented them for the first time in Algeria.

Fat-tailed gerbils are an easy-to-care-for pet because, while they are gregarious, they are also content to live alone. They are not aggressive and rarely bite, and they acclimate to being handled fast. However, within the gerbil family, they are one of the most docile species.

User Questions

Is it possible to keep fat-tailed gerbils as pets?

Fat-tailed gerbils can be kept as pets by humans. These gerbils are pretty calm. They’re not difficult to care for, and they usually get along well with their owners. However, many fat-tailed gerbil owners claim that their pets like being played with.

What is the price of a fat-tailed gerbil?

Like the other available breeds, fat-tailed gerbils are relatively new to the pet market, making them more challenging to get. Unfortunately, this means they are more expensive than their Mongolian relatives, ranging from $20 to $40.

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What is the average lifespan of fat-tailed gerbils?

5–7 years

What is the size of a fat-tailed gerbil?


3.9 inches


40 grams

Fat-tailed gerbils come in a variety of hues.

  • Yellow
  • Grey

Do gerbils have a foul odour?

Gerbils have evolved to preserve moisture to survive in arid settings. This means they only consume small amounts of water and have no sense of smell. However, gerbils have excellent vision and an acute sense of smell.

What is it like to have a gerbil as a pet?

Gerbils are lovely pets. They’re energetic, friendly, and bright, but they’re best for kids and adults who don’t want to hold their pets. Also, because gerbils are inherently swift and nimble, it might be difficult for more minor children to grasp them without squeezing them too hard.

Is it possible to take gerbils to the veterinarian?

Check with your veterinarian to see if they have treated gerbils before. A veterinarian should examine older gerbils twice a year. Gerbils don’t need immunizations, but they must be examined every year.

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Is it true that gerbils pee?

Gerbils emit highly concentrated urine and dry droppings in tiny volumes. When cleaning out your gerbilarium, move a tiny amount of old but unsoiled bedding and nesting material, as cleaning can be stressful, and removing all odours may incite fighting. Gerbils have a highly developed sense of smell.

Is it true that gerbils bite more than hamsters?

While both hamsters and gerbils bite, gerbils bite less than hamsters since they aren’t as quickly startled. However, when a youngster makes unexpected movements, even a tame hamster will bite. Gerbils rarely bite, but it’s crucial to get one that’s been handled since it was a baby.

Are gerbils suitable as pets for ten-year-olds?

In many American households, a gerbil is often chosen as a child’s first pet. Gerbils are little, do not require daily walking, and do not demand a ten-year commitment. Gerbils are excellent children’s pets. They provide many hours of enjoyment and entertainment.


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