Field Spaniel

Field Spaniel

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The Field Spaniel is a medium-sized hunting dog developed in England to hunt hares. It’s difficult not to fall in love with these cuddly buddies because of their sweet personalities! They are bright and friendly, making excellent companions for any active household.

A Field Spaniel is distinguished by its light, mixed-colour coat and charming face. They’re an excellent breed for active families that have the time to provide them with the care they require! The Field Spaniel is a working dog that requires a lot of exercises to stay in shape.

If you think this is the dog for you, keep reading for an in-depth Field Spaniel review that covers all you need to know about caring for your new best buddy.

User Questions

Are field Spaniels suitable as pets?

Field Spaniels are friendly, sensitive, and mild-mannered dogs. When it comes to outsiders, they are reserved or even frightened, yet they are entirely dedicated to their human friends. Today’s field spaniel can be an excellent hunter, retriever, and tracker, as well as a devoted family pet.

Is it true that field Spaniels are uncommon?

The Field Spaniel is an uncommon breed that is difficult to come by. Take the time to look into breeders and select one who is prepared to assist you in finding the perfect dog for you.

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What is the price of a Field Spaniel?

A Field Spaniel puppy costs between $1,800 and $2,800 on average. Being designated as a pet, show, or performance dog does not raise or diminish the quality of the puppy; there is usually no price difference between them.

Do field Spaniels have a lot of barking?

Like most spaniel breeds, Field Spaniels require a lot of attention and dislike being left alone for more than a few hours. They usually show their dissatisfaction by chewing and barking destructively.

What is the average lifespan of a Field Spaniel dog?

10-12 years

What is the size of a Field Spaniel?


16-18 inches


35-55 pounds

What colours do Field Spaniels come in?

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Golden

Is it true that field Spaniels are cuddly?

Field Spaniels are noted for their winning personalities and gregarious personalities. This canine can win over even the most hardened hearts. It is easygoing but autonomous, intelligent but friendly, active but cuddly. Field Spaniels have a placid attitude, yet they do not enjoy rough play or mistreatment.

What kind of exercise does a Field Spaniel require?

Depending on whether your pup is from a show or working line, they’ll need between 70 and 90 minutes each day once they reach adulthood (about 18 months for most Springers). Because Springer Spaniels are so intelligent, their minds must get the same activity as their bodies.

Is it true that field spaniels are hypoallergenic?


Is there a difference between a Field Spaniel and a Springer Spaniel?

The word “field spaniel” was first used in the late 1800s to refer to all land spaniels, subsequently given names based on size and colour: smaller dogs were called cockers, and larger dogs were called springers.

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What is the fastest a Field Spaniel can run?

Surprisingly, Cocker spaniels can run up to 30 miles per hour over short distances.

Is it true that field spaniels get along well with other dogs?

They’re ideal for hunting and dog agility. They are very patient with youngsters and prefer to spend time with their loved ones. They get along with other dogs once they’ve been socialised. However, they are less energetic than Cocker Spaniels and are more peaceful and independent.

Is it true that field springer spaniels shed?

Brush your Springer at least three times a week to keep him looking good and prevent matting and tangles. Springers shed all year moderately, and brushing them regularly will keep loose hair off your clothes and furniture.

Is it true that field spaniels are hyperactive?

Field Spaniels are high-energy canines that aren’t hyperactive and have a calm demeanour when playing.


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