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The oldest domestic horse breed in Denmark, Frederiksborg, was immensely loved and well-liked throughout the Renaissance and Baroque periods, despite its low numbers today. It was once regarded as one of the best European studs, capable of serving as a military charger, a dependable carriage, and a school horse. The population of Frederiksborg horses is now subjected to a studbook selection process, which aids in the selection of the best breeding stock.

The Frederiksborger was founded in 1562 by Frederik II of Denmark, who established the Royal Stud. The Iberian forebears of the Andalusian and Neapolitan horses were transported to the stud farm by royal command. As the popularity of Arabian and Norfolk Roadster horses grew, they were also chosen to be housed at the Royal Stud. The goal was to create a horse with the qualities of both a beautiful, stylish and elegant riding horse with fluid action and a massive, strong carriage horse with a consistent appearance.

The horse breed grew so popular in the 18th and 19th centuries that it had to be exported in large numbers. However, the royal horse farm was closed in 1839 due to its fame. Even though these horses were privately produced, their utility was changed by the people’s demands, who began employing them to pull stagecoaches and do agricultural tasks. In 1939, Oldenburgs, East Friesians, and Thoroughbreds were introduced to help reestablish the breed. Arabians were also utilised afterwards.

Many part-Frederiksborg mares were brought into the breeding line because the breeders employed Swedish and German horses.

User Questions

What is the life expectancy of Frederiksborg Horses?

30 years

What is the size of a Frederiksborg Horses?


60 – 64 inches


1300 -1433 pounds

Beaucerons come in a variety of colours.

  • Gray
  • Palominos
  • Buckskins
  • Bay
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These horses are regarded as one of the greatest in Denmark due to their outstanding features compliment their majestic stature. Because these horses are lively and robust, they are used as premium horses to draw royal carriages and as frontline horses in times of war. The Frederiksborg is a superior breed in terms of quality. Even under challenging temperatures and situations, the breed can maintain its vigour.


Because of a lack of interest, the Frederiksborg is fast becoming extinct. Many of them are utilised solely as riding horses or for farm work.

How much does the most valuable horse cost?

With a price tag of $70 million, Fusaichi Pegasus is the most expensive horse ever. This Thoroughbred racehorse won the Kentucky Derby in 2000, living up to the legend. He has about $2 million in lifetime earnings and has sired over 75 stakes winners worldwide. His kids were regarded as a disappointment due to his high price.

What is the price of a premium horse?

A completely trained competitive horse, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000.

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What accounts for the high cost of Arabian horses?

Arabian horses were grown in the sweltering Arabian deserts, where they developed the endurance that allows them to live a long life and thrive everywhere. This is one of the main reasons Arabian horses are so popular among breeders, riders, and show performers.

Who is the all-time quickest horse?

Secretariat is the greatest racehorse, having crushed his rivals and breaking course records. Secretariat achieved speed records across a variety of distances and racing surfaces. On the other hand, Winning Brew holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest horse ever.

What are the prices of Arabian horses?

Age, bloodlines, training, and gender all impact how much they cost. The typical cost of an Arabian horse is between $5,000 and $30,000. On the other hand, some elite show ring horses and stallions will cost between $80,000 and $150,000.


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