Golden-Mantled Rosella

Golden-Mantled Rosella

Here we can see, “Golden-Mantled Rosella

The golden-mantled rosella, also known as the Eastern rosella or the white-cheeked rosella, is the most colourful and famous parrot. It is native to Australia. The golden-mantled rosella parrot is a favourite among collectors because of its gorgeous look and kind demeanour. Because of the brilliant colours that adorn its feathers, it is arguably the most beautiful of the rosellas. It has a crimson head and chest, white cheeks, a bright yellow belly, cobalt shoulders, flight and tail feathers, a pale green underbelly, and a darker greenback. It has a crimson head and chest, white cheeks, a bright yellow belly, cobalt shoulders, flight and tail feathers, a pale green underbelly, and a darker greenback. It has a light grey beak and light grey feet. This bird appears to be a work of art. It is around 12 inches long, similar to a sun conure, but with a longer tail, a smaller head, and a more slender appearance.

User Questions

Are rosellas suitable as pets?

Because of their remarkable beauty, rosellas are frequently sought after as pet birds. They are typically kept in aviaries with other rosellas, but a well-socialized, hand-tamed rosella can be a pleasant companion.

What is the difference between a rosella and a parakeet?

The Rosella parakeet belongs to a parrot group that exhibits many comparable and common characteristics with parakeets. Rosella parakeets are unique and sought-after pet birds, despite their tendency to be obstinate and aggressive at times. They are brightly coloured, intelligent, and have a strong attitude.

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Are rosellas a noisy plant?

Rosellas are often boisterous, except when feeding, which is usually done quietly. Rosellas aren’t known for their communication capacity, yet they can imitate whistles and tunes.

What is the lifespan of a golden-mantled rosella?

20 years

What is the size of a golden-mantled rosella?


12 inches


115 – 135 grams

Golden-mantled Rosella comes in a variety of colours.

  • Multi-coloured
  • Red

What is the price of a golden mantle rosella?

A rosella parrot can cost anywhere from $300 to $600, depending on its age, the conditions in which it was raised, physical attractiveness, and any other criteria. Although $300 to $600 may appear to be a large sum, it is pretty reasonable compared to most parrot species.

In Path of Exile, how can you obtain the golden mantle?

Only five unique copies of Golden Mantle can be corrupted into rare goods then traded to a vendor for an uncorrupted duplicate.

Rosellas eat a variety of foods.

The Eastern Rosella is primarily a ground feeder, preferring grasses in lawns, pastures, and other clearings. It also eats the leaves and twigs of trees and plants. Seeds, fruits, buds, flowers, nectar, and insects are the most common foods.

Is it true that rosella parrots are aggressive?

Rosellas are easy to breed and have a sturdy nature. Rosellas have a problem with aggression; males, in particular, are violent toward other males, especially when a hen is present. To avoid parental hostility, young birds should be taken from their parents as soon as they are weaned.

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Do rosellas have lifelong partners?

Eastern Rosellas are monogamous. The female selects and prepares the nesting site, generally a eucalyptus tree hollow (but will sometimes use a nest-box or other artificial site). The eggs are placed on a decaying wood bed, and the female incubates them while the male feeds her regularly.

Are Rosellas intelligent?

Eastern Rosella makes a beautiful pet, mainly if grown from a young age by hand. Most owners are enamoured with their stunning plumage, adorable whistling, and exceptional intelligence. It’s no surprise that they’re famous pet parrots, especially in Australia.


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