Gotland Rabbit

Gotland Rabbit

Here we can see, “Gotland Rabbit”

The Gotland Rabbit is a unique breed that originated in Sweden and is now threatened with extinction. There was no purposeful breeding scheme to establish the breed, which evolved organically over the ages in Swedish woodlands. Modern breeding programmes are already underway to conserve and grow the remnant population.

The Gotland rabbit has long been used for meat and pelts, but it has also become a popular display animal since the 1970s. The Gotland Rabbit Society is a pioneer in the preservation of the breed, with only animals born from parents who have been licenced by the society being considered purebred.

The Gotland Rabbit is a Swedish native breed that is unique to the small island of Gotland, from where it gets its name. It is a local variation of Sweden’s oldest indigenous rabbit. People in the area have always liked them because of their fur, meat, and ability to fight off diseases. They’ve been extinct in modern times.

Their health, productivity, and nursing instincts were prioritised over attractiveness due to their widespread use as farm animals. As a result, the breed has a lot of genetic variability, which is why they come in so many different shapes, patterns, and colours. The appeal of Gotlands as show animals grew progressively until the farm variations were nearly extinct. In the 1970s, there were still a few colonies left on the island of Gotland.

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The current Gotland Rabbit is descended from these island populations, and despite its name, it represents the kind that was originally distributed throughout Sweden, not just the island. These rabbits are tough and vigorous, and they can adapt to a variety of environments. They are noted for their pleasant temperament and ease of care and are content to live both outdoors and indoors.

User Questions

What is the lifespan of a Gotland Rabbit?

9+ years

What is the size of a Gotland Rabbit?


11 – 13 inches


3000 – 4000 grams

What colours are Gotland Rabbits?

Almost any color and pattern variety

How Much Do Gotland Rabbits Cost?

Due to the breed’s scarcity and the fact that they are classified as endangered, it is nearly impossible to find Gotland Rabbits for sale. Adoption programmes are the only way to find one, and you’ll have to register as a caretaker first. Adopting a Gotland in the United States, on the other hand, is quite tough.

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Are Gotland Rabbits Good With Other Animals?

Gotland rabbits are amiable and get along with other pets in general, and they enjoy being touched and handled. They get along well with other rabbit species and are rarely hostile, though during breeding they can become possessive and territorial. When bringing a Gotland rabbit home, expose them to any other animals in the house gradually, ideally over a few days or even weeks, to minimise the risk of violent or territorial behaviour.

What is the price of a German rabbit?

Depending on where you buy it, the German Angora rabbit can cost anywhere from $50 to $120. Pet stores are cheaper, but the rabbit’s ancestry is often hidden, and you aren’t likely to learn about its health history.

Why are rabbits referred to as “bunnies”?

The name bunny could be derived from the Scottish word bun (rabbit, squirrel, hare’s tail) or the French word bon (good). Bunnies eventually came to mean not only young female people, but also young and/or little animals. It now usually refers to a young rabbit.

Is a bunny a suitable pet?

Rabbits are wonderful pets. For excellent welfare, rabbits require suitable housing, exercise, socialisation, and a specific diet. Some rabbit breeds, particularly those with longer hair, may require daily care.


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