Gouldian Finch

Gouldian Finch

Here we can see, “Gouldian Finch

The Gouldian finch (also known as the Lady Gouldian bird or the rainbow finch) is appreciated for its beautiful plumage. It comes in a variety of vibrant hues, and the colour of the head is usually used to distinguish it. The black-headed, red-headed, and yellow-headed Gouldians, for example, are some of the available varieties; however, some of the other mutations are named after their body colour. They do not vary in colour as much in the open grasslands of Australia, where they originate, as they do in captivity. Most Gouldians have black hair, with a minor percentage having red hair. An orange head can be found in about 1% of wild individuals.

According to English ornithologist John Gould, the most beautiful finch in the world was named after his late wife, Lady Elizabeth Gould, in 1841. It’d be impossible to disagree with him. Six years later, the species arrived in Europe and soon became popular among pet owners. With smooth feathering and bright, painterly hues, the Lady Gouldian bird resembles a sculpted figurine.

User Questions

Is it possible to keep Gouldian finches as pets?

The Gouldian finch is one of the most attractive pet bird species available. Because of its timidity around humans, it is a famous bird among those who enjoy watching birds but do not want to handle them. With other finches of its species, this finch is quite pleasant.

Why is the Gouldian finch on the verge of extinction?

According to studies conducted in Wyndham and Mornington Station, inappropriate fire regimes, cattle grazing, and feral predators (most notably the cat) are the main reasons Gouldian finches have become endangered.

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What makes Gouldian finches unique?

The Gouldian finch has a rainbow of colours on its body. This is on top of several unique mutations, such as a silver colour. The most noticeable difference between the sexes is that males have brighter purple feathers, and females have a paler purple breast.

What is the average lifespan of Gouldian finches?

4 to 6 years

What is the size of a Gouldian finch?


4.9-5.5 inches


12 grams

Gouldian finches come in a variety of colours.

Multi Colored

Is it possible to keep Gouldian finches outside?

Although many Gouldian keepers and breeders have no difficulties allowing their birds access to an outside area all year, this is something that hasn’t worked for me in the past. They’ll raise the temperature in my bird room and aviaries to roughly 25 degrees Celsius.

Is it possible for zebra finches to coexist with Gouldian finches?

Gouldians are minor, but they make excellent aviary birds and enjoy being in a large, well-kept garden. They get along with society finches and zebra finches if given adequate space, but not with weavers or whydahs, which can be bullies.

Is it possible to breed Gouldian Finches in a cage?

Gouldians have a reputation for being terrible nest builders. Some birds don’t even bother to build a nest. A tiny amount of nesting material (dry grass) placed in the Gouldian nest box and cage for them to utilise will encourage them to start nesting. Some will rip the newspaper off the cage’s bottom and place it in the nest box.

How long does it take for Gouldian eggs to hatch?

This occurs in a relatively short period. You should expect the eggs to hatch between 14 and 16 days after being incubated.

What is the current population of Gouldian Finches?

The Gouldian finch is a sparsely distributed species found in northern Australia between the Kimberley and north-central Queensland. It was once seen in flocks of thousands, but its total population is currently believed to be less than 2500.

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Are Gouldian Finches indigenous to Australia?

Gouldian Finches are the most brilliantly coloured grass finches in Australia and maybe the most brilliantly coloured of any Australian birds. About a quarter of the population is red-faced, while uncommon yellow-faced birds are occasionally seen.

What plants are preferred by Gouldian Finches?

Saltbush is a robust and resistant plant that not only survives but thrives in low-rainfall areas. Pruning encourages new fresh green growth, which it reacts well to. This plant is trendy among Gouldians.

What should I feed my Gouldian Finches when they’re breeding?

Gouldian Finches eat ripe or half-ripe grass seeds for most of the year. However, the diet is virtually exclusively made up of insects during the breeding season. Insects are high in protein and help young birds satisfy their voracious appetites.


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