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The Heihe breed can be traced back to the Chinese city of Heihe (both etymologically and literally). Its design is well-suited to long and strenuous tasks. Moreover, because the Heihe breed is frequently exposed to different temperatures to which it has adapted, it has developed a reasonably high level of disease resistance.

The Heihe horse breed originated in China’s HeiheCity. Heilongjiang, a well-known river basin, runs through Heihe. Transportation and agriculture are the two primary sources of income for the people of Heihe, and horses play an essential role in both of these activities. As a result, the Heihe breed arose due to practical and utilitarian considerations.

The Longsha report chronicled the development of the Heihe horse breed. According to the summary, Mongolian horses were first sent to Heihe city by the Soulun nation. Following this, Russians began sending horses of unknown breed around 1910. The following breed of horse to be sent to Heihe city was the Orlov trotter, followed by Anglo-Norman stallions, Anglo-Arab stallions, and Percherons. The Heihe breed was created by crossbreeding these horses (though not all simultaneously).

However, until the formal development of farms like the Keshan stud farm and the North Horse farm in Heihe city, the Heihe breed was not adequately acknowledged as a genuine breed. As a result, heihes are still used for riding, drafting, and farm work in modern times.

User Questions

What is the lifespan of Heihe Horses?

30 years

What is the size of a Heihe Horse?


56 – 60 inches


800 – 900 pounds

What colours do Heihe Horses come in?

  • Bay 
  • Chestnut
  • Gray
  • Black
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The nature of the Heihe breed is particularly submissive and yielding. It’s typically used for packing and drafting. It is generally long-lasting, making it ideal for long and exhausting trips. It is still used for farm work in Heihe.


Heihe is a place where the weather can change quickly. As a result, the Heihe breed has proven to be relatively adaptable to temperature changes. In addition, because the Heihe breed is hardy, it does not require much care and attention from its owner.

Because the Heihe breed is well-adapted to various climates, it is disease-resistant. As a result, the Heihe breed will remain strong and healthy until overworked and overtaxed.

What kind of horse is indigenous to China?

On the other hand, many individuals are unfamiliar with Chinese horse breeds. The Baise, Balikun, Heihe, Guoxia, Ferghana, Guizhou, Datong, Jielin, Lijiang, Nangchen, Riwoche, Tibetan, Xilingol, Yili, Yunnan, and Hequ are among the most famous Chinese horse breeds.

What is the definition of a Russian horse?

The Russian Don is a horse breed formed in Russia’s steppes region, where the Don River flows and is named after it. Originally employed by the Cossacks as cavalry horses, they are now utilised for under-saddle labour and driving.

Which horse breed is the fastest?

Thoroughbred. Thoroughbreds are the world’s fastest horse breed, reaching 70.76 kilometres per hour. For this feat, this breed holds the Guinness World Record.

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What is the cost of an Azteca horse?

They’re available for a wide range of rates, from a few thousand dollars for foals and yearlings to $10,000 or more for fully trained horses.

Do Azteca horses have a peaceful demeanour?

A calm horse to rope from, succeed in all working ranch pursuits, and have the elegance to show off in pleasure riding are all requirements for the Mexican charro. In addition, Aztecas have proven their worth in various other charriera disciplines and are currently employed in reining and cutting competitions.

Do you know how to ride a zebra?

Apart from that, zebras are too little to be ridden! The backs of zebras haven’t evolved to allow humans to ride them, let alone carry cargo or saddle them. So, even if zebras were the finest animals on the earth, riding them would inflict their agony.


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