Himalayan Guinea Pig

Himalayan Guinea Pig

Here we can see, “Himalayan Guinea Pig”

A Guinea Pig is a beautiful choice if you consider acquiring a tiny furry pet. They make excellent pets and are relatively easy to care for, with a bit of assistance from our website, of course!

However, there are other breeds to pick from, each with its size, shape, and, most importantly, color.

One of the rarest Guinea Pig breeds is the Himalayan Guinea Pig. While their name suggests they come from Asia, the prevailing agreement is split. Some believe they originated in South East Asia and others believe they originated in South America with their Cavy cousins. It’s more than likely that they’re from South America, and their name comes from their likeness to the Siamese cat, which is from Southeast Asia.

Himalayan Guinea Pigs are Albino guinea pigs, which means they have white coats and pink eyes. However, the brown or black ears, feet, and nose distinguish this breed. The darker portions of this breed grow over time and are born white. The British and American Cavy clubs recognize the Himalayan Guinea Pig as a breed.

User Questions

Is it true that Himalayan guinea pigs are friendly?

Himalayan guinea pigs make excellent pets for families. Because of their short hair, they are amiable, gregarious, and relatively easy to care for.

Is it true that Himalayan guinea pigs are rare?

The Himalayan guinea pig is a unique breed that is sometimes referred to as a Siamese cat. They aren’t as uncommon as they appear to be. They are even considered albino because they have color on their feet, ears, and noses, referred to as points. They are a breed that comes highly recommended.

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What is the price of a Himalayan Guinea Pig?

The price of a pet guinea pig varies depending on the breed and where you buy it. You should anticipate paying between $10 and $40 for your guinea pig if you get it from a pet store.

What is the average lifespan of a Himalayan Guinea Pig?

5 to 8 years

What is the size of a Himalayan Guinea Pig?


8-12 inches


700-1200 grams

Himalayan Guinea Pigs come in a variety of hues.


Are red eyes present in all Himalayan guinea pigs?

Albinos, Himalayan guinea pigs, have a primarily white coat and pink eyes. Their nose, ears, and feet, on the other hand, can be brown or black.


With its short hair, the Himalayan Guinea pig does not require as much maintenance as its Peruvian cousins, which have longer hair.

Brushing your teeth gently once or twice a week is ideal. It not only keeps the coat clean and clear of contaminants but also allows you to bond with your pet.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to check for skin diseases or parasites while petting and grooming your pet. Please take your pet to your local veterinarian if you see anything unusual.

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Vitamin C deficiency is the most common health problem among Guinea Pigs, and the Himalayan is no exception. Guinea Pigs cannot manufacture vitamin C on their own and must obtain it from their diet. The Himalayan Guide pig is a tough little fellow in general.

Fortunately, many pellet-based foods are enriched with Vitamin C, and these should make up the majority of your pet’s diet. This will aid in the maintenance of vitamin C levels.

Fresh veggies like lettuce and fruits like oranges are also a terrific way to supplement their diets.

If you find the Himalayan’s colored spots are disappearing, it could be because they aren’t getting enough vitamin C in their food.

Problems with the skin, such as bumblefoot, or parasites, can be an issue. However, if you provide the most excellent possible care for your pet, you can avoid most of these problems. Issues like this should be avoided with a clean enclosure and regular maintenance. If you discover any sores or observe your pet scratching more, you should take them to the vet.


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