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Hokkaido is a clever, energetic, and loyal dog who prioritise pleasing their owners. Learn more about this Japanese dog that is great with kids.

Even in their native Japan, the Hokkaido is a relatively rare breed. This highly clever medium-sized working dog is easy to train and thrives in a home with a large backyard for running around. They are lively, playful, and incredibly loyal to their owners. They’re a fantastic family dog as well as an energetic outdoor friend. Hokkaido dogs, initially developed for hunting, enjoy spending time outside and adapt well to cold temperatures thanks to their double coat. These little-known, happy dogs are always eager to please the humans in their lives. They thrive on affection, attention, and plenty of exercises, whether they’re behaving like their owner’s shadow about the home or enjoying their regular walks.

User Questions

Is it true that Hokkaido dogs are good?

The Hokkaido dog is a breed that is extremely loyal and affectionate to its owners and relatives. They have a lot of positive characteristics, such as being aware of their environment, playful, and intellectual. They make great security dogs and are fiercely protective of their owners.

What is the price of a Hokkaido dog?

A Hokkaido dog puppy from a good breeder ranges from $1,500 to $3,000.

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Is it possible to leave Hokkaido dogs alone?

These dogs are also bright and have a reputation for solving problems. If they aren’t stimulated enough, they will rapidly become bored, and if they are left alone for too long or too often, they will develop separation anxiety.

Is Hokkaido a shedder?

Throughout the year, the Hokkaido sheds sparingly. These dogs blow their undercoat twice a year. Brush your dog’s coat regularly to keep it clean and healthy (once or twice a week).

What is the average lifespan of Hokkaido dogs?

12-15 years

What is the size of a Hokkaido?


18-20 inches


44-66 pounds

What are the colours of Hokkaido?

  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Gray

Is Hokkaido allergy-friendly?

Black, red, black & tan, white, brindle, and sesame are the primary colours of the Hokkaido breed. The double coat of the Hokkaido dog breed consists of a soft undercoat and a thick, straight topcoat. Their fur isn’t known to be hypoallergenic.

Do Hokkaido Inu make good watchdogs?

Hokkaido Inus are descendants of hunting dogs who make outstanding watchdogs and companions. Their charming appearance and intelligent, protective temperament have made them popular in Japan.

What dog breeds originate in China?

Chow Chow, I say. Chow chows are one of China’s oldest canine breeds, with records reaching 206 B.C. Initially, they were used as hunting and security dogs. Chows, like shar-peis, have a peculiar appearance: their faces are bear-like, with deep facial wrinkles and a blue-black tongue.

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What dog doesn’t have a foul odour or shed?

The hypoallergenic Bichon Frise is an excellent alternative for folks who want a little dog that doesn’t shed much and doesn’t have a strong odour.

What is a Horgi dog, exactly?

The Horgi is a mixed-breed dog hybrid between a Siberian Husky and a Corgi. These pups were little, energetic, and full of energy, inheriting some of their parents’ most remarkable traits.

Are there any genuinely hypoallergenic dogs?

While no dog is entirely hypoallergenic, several dog breeds are less allergenic and better suited for allergy sufferers. Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Bichon Frise, Maltese, and Schnauzers are all low-shedding or hairless canines that are frequently hypoallergenic.

Is it true that a Labradoodle is hypoallergenic?

Labradoodles are Labrador retrievers crossed with poodles, with the kind and loyal nature of a Labrador retriever and the low-shedding coat of a poodle. This makes them the ultimate hypoallergenic puppy—well, as hypoallergenic as any dog can be.


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