How to Handle Hedgehogs: Tips and Basics

How to Handle Hedgehogs: Tips and Basics

Here we can see, “How to Handle Hedgehogs: Tips and Basics”

Many novice hedgehog owners are hesitant to handle their prickly companions. Hedgehogs can be handled (they aren’t too thorny), but it will take some time to ensure that your hedgehog is secure and comfortable in your hands. To begin handling your hedgehog, follow these steps.

Steps to Handle a Hedgehog

  1. Begin interacting with your hedgehog in the evening, when they are most likely awake. A sleepy hedgehog can become irritable, making this chore nearly impossible.
  2. Allow your hedgehog to sniff your hands so that they can recognise you every time you touch them.
  3. Place your hands on either side of the hedgehog, palms up. You can gently corner the hedgehogs in their cage if necessary, so that they are more likely to walk onto your hands.
  4. Push your hands beneath your standing hedgehog gently. If you’re worried about being poked, you can even scoop up some bedding to shield your hands even more.
  5. While holding your hedgehog in your hands, cup your hands and lift them up. Keep your fingers together and out of your hedgehog’s way in case they decide to curl up into a ball (a finger trapped in the middle of a balled up hedgehog is not fun).
  6. Huffing or rolling into a ball are two options for your hedgehog. Unless your hedgehog is agitated and you aren’t making any progress, keep going. If she has rolled into a ball, it is acceptable to pick her up.
  7. Hold your hedgehog or put him in your lap (try holding him on one hand or forearm and gently placing the other hand over his or her back for security). If they feel safe, they will unroll rapidly and begin investigating.
  8. If bribery is required, feel free to use it. If your hedgehog rolls into a ball, as soon as they unfurl, give them a nice mealworm. Your hedgehog will most likely immediately realise that being picked up is a good thing because they will be rewarded. Keep this goodie for when you’re working with your hedgehog.
  9. Allow your hedgehog to explore your hands and lap at their own rate once they’ve unrolled from their ball. Pet your hedgehog only after it has calmed down.
  10. The spines of a calm hedgehog will be laid down. You can try petting your hedgehog in the direction the spines lie once they are flat (not shooting up in all directions like when it is coiled into a ball). Petting your hedgehog’s face is not recommended at first since they dislike it.
  11. Intermittently offer special rewards while handling your hedgehog to show that being handled is a good thing. Hopefully, your hedgehog will realise that being touched and given goodies is not frightening, but rather enjoyable.
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Hedgehog Care Instructions

  • Hedgehogs can smell you and recognise you. Gloves will simply confuse your hedgehog further. Hand lotion and strong perfumes can also make your hedgehog confused. Putting a t-shirt you’ve worn in their cage may help them recognise your fragrance.
  • Rather than gloves, a thick towel might be used to pick up a resistant hedgehog at first. You can slide the t-shirt off more easily than you can remove a glove and continue to hold the hedgehog with your bare hands.
  • Do not attempt to catch your hedgehog from above.
  • Remember that the spines aren’t barbed and don’t come out like porcupine quills, so if you get stabbed, it won’t hurt too much.

User Questions

How do you start handling a hedgehog?

Hold your hedgehog in your hands and move it away from your body (exploration mode). Allow your hedgie to come out of its ball and explore on its own rather than trying to pet it. Your hedgehog will begin to lay down its quills and move around on your hands once it has relaxed.

Are hedgehogs good for beginners?

Hedgehogs can be fun and low-maintenance household pets, but they do require specific attention. They have sharp quills that can be difficult to handle. Daily handling that is consistent and proper will help them relax and feel at ease with you.

Do hedgehogs bite?

When touching a hedgehog, though, you should strive to use gloves for your own health and safety. Hedgehogs can bite you, but this happens extremely seldom. This frequently occurs when they are young and believe that your fingers will feed them (if they have been fed via a syringe as they had no mother).

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Do hedgehogs have fleas?

Hedgehogs are well known to hedge fleas. The fleas seen on hedgehogs, on the other hand, are hedgehog fleas (scientific name: Archaeopsylla erinacei), which are host specific, meaning they will not survive long on any other animal, including pets or humans.

Why is my hedgehog squeaking?

Male hedgehogs make the squeaking sound while they are hunting for a mate and trying to attract female hedgehogs. The squeaking sound, on the other hand, is frequently associated with babies.


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