How to Introduce Gerbils to Each Other

How to Introduce Gerbils to Each Other

Here we can see, “How to Introduce Gerbils to Each Other”

Gerbils, unlike hamsters, do well in pairs or trios. It can be tough to introduce new gerbils older than 10 weeks old. Introducing a new gerbil to an established group is usually discouraged since the group may gang up on and kill the intruder.

Instead, try introducing single gerbils to one another. Males seem to respond best to a younger (less than 10 weeks old) gerbil combined with an adult. Females may be more difficult to introduce to one another.

Pet Gerbils: How to Introduce Them

These are the measures you should take to introduce single gerbils to one another in the hopes of them accepting one another and being able to live together. This is not a quick process. However, with some patience and time, they may be able to live in peace.

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  • To allow the gerbils to see and smell each other without having physical touch, get a cage that is already separated or put a smaller cage within a larger cage. You can use plexiglass pieces to split a cage that you already have.
  • Put one gerbil on each side of the partition to see each other but not touch. Several times a day, switch which side each gerbil resides on to become accustomed to each other’s scent. For 7 days, switch the gerbils from side to side (longer is even better). On opposite sides of the partition, the gerbils frequently begin sleeping alongside one another. If this occurs, it is a good indication that the gerbils are getting along.
  • The divider can be removed once the gerbils appear curious and not aggressive toward one another. After the gerbils have been connected, keep a close eye on them. Keep an eye on the cage during the first 20 minutes of their time together, and have leather gloves on standby in case battling gerbils need to be separated. Gerbils like to play fight by boxing, chasing, and squeaking at each other. These behaviors are OK, but you must separate them if significant fighting ensues. A significant battle usually entails a gerbil rolling around in a tight ball, screeching shrilly, biting at each other’s necks, and drawing blood.
  • If there have been no fights after 20 minutes, you should be able to walk away from the cage, but keep an eye on the gerbils for another three or four hours to monitor their behavior. The gerbils can be left together if there is no fighting after a few hours of being together. They’ll probably be fine if they cuddle up to sleep and groom each other.

If a fight breaks out,

If the gerbil quarrels, separate them and repeat the process in the divided cage stage. You’ll have to keep them separated for a more extended period.

Over the first several days, keep an eye out for bite wounds and fighting, and return them to the partitioned cage if they appear to be damaging each other. It appears doubtful that the gerbils will ever get along if you return to the partitioned cage stage two or three times following fights, and the fighting continues.

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User Questions

Can you bond gerbils?

Male gerbils are often easier to bond with; however, female gerbils can also be bonded. On the other hand, females are far more hostile against one another. An adult gerbil will get along nicely with a baby or a pair of 8-10 week old gerbils.

Can you put two gerbils together?

If you’re considering getting a new gerbil, you might be wondering how many gerbils can fit in one cage (gerbilarium). A pair of gerbils (two males or two females) is a safe pairing that will provide each other with companionship. A mated pair of gerbils may fight, but it’s unusual.

Do gerbils need to be in pairs?

Gerbils are gregarious animals, with groups ranging from two to fifteen animals of all ages and sexes in the wild. A breeding pair forms a group in which their children and other relatives expand. As a result, gerbils must live in groups with other gerbils and should never be kept alone.

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Should I let my gerbils fight?

In gerbils, play fighting is an entirely harmless habit. There may appear to the inexperienced eye to be actual fighting, but it is nothing to be concerned about. Gerbils who play together are gerbils who are content. When they’re not fighting in the playground, they’ll engage in social behaviors like sleeping together and grooming.

Are female gerbils more aggressive?

Gerbils are likely to be friendly with you if they have been handled when they were little. Disagreements between the two will be uncommon and quick. Females are more territorial than males, but this should not be a problem in a large enough cage.


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