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7 Steps to Adopting a Kitten from an Elderly Cat

  • Begin preparing for the kitten’s arrival as soon as possible.
  • Introduce your cats to each other by smelling them first.
  • Allow them to see one another.
  • Encourage a calm, patient start.
  • Treats should be given.
  • Keep an eye on your pets’ reactions.
  • To reduce stress, stick to a routine.

User Questions

What is the average time it takes for a cat to adjust to a new kitten?

A cat’s adjustment to a new kitten might take weeks to months, and it can take even longer for them to become “friends.” Some cats may learn to tolerate a newcomer, but they may never want to play or slumber together. In other circumstances, the kitten will be immediately accepted by the cat.

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What is the best way to encourage my senior cat to accept a kitten?

  • Close the door and keep the new kitten secluded. Then, feed both the older cat and the kitten.
  • They can see and smell each other through the open door.
  • Bring your older cat into the kitten’s chamber.
  • Every day, increase the amount of time the cats spend together by 5 minutes or so.

Can a kitten be introduced to an adult cat?

You can give your kitten supervised freedom around your older cat if your older cat has become comfy around her. Many cats will eventually welcome a new kitten if given enough time. When you think your adult cat is comfortable with your kitten, you can begin to give her greater freedom, but only under your supervision.

Is my cat going to harm my new kitten?

A kitten under the age of 16 weeks is a baby, physically fragile, and vulnerable to an adult cat. Your objective is to avoid unpleasant interactions between the new kitten and the senior cat (except for a bit of hissing). Adult cats who take to small kittens right away and cheerfully step in as “mom” are a rare breed.

How can you tell whether your cat is interested in a new kitten?

Six crucial behaviors to look for when determining whether your cats get along.

  • They give each other a headbutt. But, don’t worry, and I’m not being aggressive!
  • They take care of each other.
  • They share a snooze.
  • They rub noses together.
  • They spend time together.
  • They’re a little rough around the edges.

Is having two cats of the same gender preferable?

Cat lovers who want two cats should consider getting two kittens right now. If you already have a young cat and want to add to your family, consider adopting a kitten of the opposite sex, as same-sex cats are more likely to battle for dominance.

How long does a kitten take to acclimate to a new environment?

This settling-in stage may last only a few hours for some kittens, but it may take days or even weeks for others. For example, the procedure could take up to 6 weeks for highly fearful cats. Just keep in mind that this is very normal, and be patient.

What happens if my cat despises my new kitten?

Don’t force the interaction if either partner appears hostile, afraid, or unsure. Instead, re-separate them and carry on with the smell exchanging. The reactions of the cat and/or kitten can range from curious to unconcerned, playful to anxious. Make sure you have enough space for both and the ability to retreat if needed.

Is it true that cats prefer to be in pairs?

Cats, despite their independence, are sociable animals who require companionship to flourish. When a cat is left alone, it might develop behavioral issues and even show signs of depression. Bonded pairs of cats, on the other hand, are more likely to be well-adjusted.

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Are male cats interested in kittens?

Within their colonies, dominant males have been seen caring for kittens. They are known to share their food and groom kittens, and they have even been seen breaking up kitten fights by gently separating them with one paw when a battle gets out of hand.

Should I allow my kitten and cat to fight?

Allow your cat to do nothing more than hiss and swat at the kitten, even if they want to fight. If your cats quarrel, they should be isolated for a while and then gradually reintroduced to each other over several days to weeks.


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