Irish Setter

Irish Setter

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Red Irish setters are among the most popular family dogs. Irish setters are known for their calm demeanour and make wonderful adult companions and kind and lively playmates for children.

You may have heard that blondes have more fun, but Irish setters are here to prove you wrong. These sassy redheads have a well-deserved reputation for being fantastic family dogs. They’re rambunctious, intelligent, and loyal.

On the other hand, the Irish setter is not a dog that is well-suited to apartment living. The Irish setter, which stands over 2 feet tall at the shoulder and has the energy and stamina of a hunter, need plenty of room to go around. Frequent walks combined with plenty of supervised off-leash time will benefit him. He’s always up for a good run, a cool swim, or a rousing game of fetch.

User Questions

Is an Irish Setter suitable for a family?

Irish setters are generally amiable and make ideal family dogs, although they can be too large and rowdy around little children. Because a few of these dogs are shy, some socialising is required.

What do Irish Setters have a reputation for?

The Irish Setter was bred for hunting, primarily to set or locate upland gamebirds and point them out. They are a tireless, all-encompassing hunter who thrives in fields and wet or dry moorland environments.

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Is the Irish Setter a rare breed?

Irish Setters were among the first breeds recognised by the American Kennel Club when it was founded in 1884. They were initially bred as gun dogs. However, Irish Setters were not extremely popular for the next 80 years. It had dropped to the 27th most popular breed in the United States by 1960.

Is an Irish Setter intelligent?

Irish Setters are bright dogs who are simple to train, but they require firmness and consistency to avoid taking advantage of you. You must be able to lead without resorting to rage or physical force. The main goal of training an Irish Setter is to keep him from becoming bored.

What is the average lifespan of Irish Setter dogs?

11 to 15 years

What is the size of an Irish Setter?


22 to 26 inches


50 to 70 pounds

What colours do Irish Setters come in?

  • Chestnut
  • Mahogany
  • Red

What is the difference between an Irish Setter and a Retriever?

The Irish Setter is a magnificent breed with a stunning red coat. They were bred as hunting dogs, just as Golden Retrievers, and their bold personalities and inexhaustible stamina make them an excellent choice for this sport even today.

How much do Irish Setters cost?

Even while the initial cost of adopting or purchasing an Irish Setter puppy can be as low as $250 or $700 from a breeder, the most expensive fees are incurred as you progress through life. Food, vet visits, and prescriptions might cost as little as $200 per month or as much as $700 per month.

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Why aren’t Irish Setters as popular as they once were?

They were a fad breed in the 1970s, and their current reputation is that they are brainless due to reckless breeding at the time. However, it has been a long time since that time, and there are now several skilled, trustworthy Irish setter breeders producing excellent pups.

Is it true that Irish Setters have curly hair?

The size of these dogs varies depending on the type of Poodle (toy, miniature, or standard) with which the Irish Setter is mixed. The Poodle has a short, curly coat that does not shed. Irish Setters have a long, silky coat that requires brushing every other day to avoid tangles and mats.

Is it true that Irish Setters are cuddly?

Irish Setters are popular family pets for a reason: they’re affectionate, sweet, and outgoing. They make excellent playmates for children with their raucous excitement, and their love for the family knows no bounds. This breed is always by your side, even when things are quiet.

Is it true that Irish Setters are slackers?

Irish Setters, like all dogs, have their own set of quirks. Something is awry if your Irish Setter isn’t interested in their favourite game or toy. When Irish Setters are bored, they may appear uninterested or lethargic.


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