Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniel

Here we can see, “Irish Water Spaniel”

Irish water spaniels are a rare breed with excellent temperaments. These gentle, laid-back dogs have low-shedding coats, prominent minds, and loving personalities, making them excellent companions.

You might mistake the Irish water spaniel for a poodle mix at first glance. The sports dog is the same size as a regular poodle, with long, loose curls on both sides. On the other hand, Irish water spaniels are less energetic and laid-back than their high-strung progenitors. Irish water spaniels are also significantly less familiar than poodles, making them difficult to come by.

Pam Nichols, DVM, president of the American Animal Hospital Association, notes, “These dogs are not that frequent.” “Most people have no idea what an Irish water spaniel is and will refer to them as an Irish doodle if they see one.”

Irish water spaniels, like poodles, are low-shedding and require expert grooming regularly to keep their coats at their best.

Irish water spaniels are lovely family dogs since they are clever, easy to teach, and have a laid-back disposition. They get along well with children and other pets. Still, early socialisation is crucial for Irish water spaniel puppies to grow into relaxed, well-adjusted adult dogs comfortable in unfamiliar circumstances.

User Questions

Do Irish Water Spaniels have a lot of barking?

For the most part, the Irish Water Spaniel is a peaceful dog. He makes an outstanding watchdog because of his alert and curious nature. He appears to save his barking when he needs to alert his household.

What do Irish Water Spaniels cost?

The usual cost of a new Irish Water Spaniel puppy is roughly $1,500 to $2,000, which may seem pricey at first, but consider how much money you’ll save when you consider how many vets visit you won’t have to do.

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Is it possible to leave an Irish Water Spaniel alone?

The Irish Water Spaniel is a breed that is both sensitive and intelligent. They respond well to dog training when it is done with kindness, patience, and plenty of praise. Even yet, dogs and small children should never be left alone together, and people should supervise all interactions between them.

Are water spaniels suitable as family pets?

American water spaniels are recognised as intelligent, obedient, friendly, and good with other animals and children. They make ideal family pets because of these features. They’re also excellent watchdogs.

What is the average lifespan of Irish Water Spaniels?

12–13 years

What is the size of an Irish Water Spaniel?


21–24 inches


45–68 pounds

Irish Water Spaniels come in a variety of hues.

  • Brown
  • Chocolate
  • Liver

Is it true that Irish water spaniels are aggressive?

He should be exposed to a wide range of people and various situations from an early age. He is guarded and protective attributes that can quickly morph into shyness or irritability. Strange dogs, and even other pets, can make Irish Water Spaniels hostile.

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Is it true that Irish water spaniels are hypoallergenic?


Is it true that Irish Water Spaniels drool?

The shedding characteristics of the Irish Water Spaniel are very low. They are hypoallergenic canines with less drool and dander production.

Is it true that Irish Water Spaniels are aggressive?

The Irish water spaniel is a curious and attentive dog. With strangers, he can be reserved. Aggressive behaviour or excessive shyness, on the other hand, should not be allowed.

Is it true that Irish Setters shed?

Irish Setters are not good outside dogs and should be kept indoors with their family. They shed moderately, so expect some hair in your home, especially during shedding seasons. Irish Setters must be brushed every day or every other day to keep their long, silky coats from becoming tangled.


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