Is It Possible to Keep a Wild Bird as a Pet?

Is It Possible to Keep a Wild Bird as a Pet?

Here we can see, “Is It Possible to Keep a Wild Bird as a Pet?”

Attempting to maintain a wild bird as a pet is a risky proposition in most circumstances, and it may also be illegal depending on where you reside. For example, keeping any wild native bird captive is illegal in the United States, and anyone found doing so could face criminal charges. Furthermore, the prohibition sometimes extends to things like feathers and eggshells, making it unlawful to possess any wild native bird feather, an egg, an eggshell, or anything else. This is only one of the reasons why taming a wild bird and keeping it as a pet is generally not a good idea.

Keeping Wild Birds as Pets: Is It Ethical?

Keeping wild birds as pets has several drawbacks, one of which would be unethical. Taking a wild animal out of its natural environment and confining it in a cage isn’t considered exceptionally compassionate by most people. As a result, most parrots and other bird species bought as pets have been developed in captivity. To prove that they have not been stolen from the wild, these birds wear a metal band around one of their legs.

Some individuals may not have any ethical concerns about bringing a wild bird home. Still, many bird professionals will, particularly an avian veterinarian, whom you would have to see if the bird became unwell or injured. Unfortunately, finding an avian vet ready to treat a wild bird if it became unwell would be extremely difficult, if not impossible—especially if the bird was a protected species.

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If you come across a wild baby bird that you believe is orphaned and in need of assistance, let it alone and contact your local wildlife agency. That way, you may rest comfortably that the bird will be cared for and that the problem will be handled legally. There are a few circumstances in which you may be legally entitled to retain an orphaned baby bird that you find, but only if it is a European Starling, a Pigeon, or a Sparrow, three species that are not protected by US law.

What About Falconry as a Sport?

Attempting to keep any bird of prey is prohibited, and a bad idea in general—birds of prey are notoriously difficult to care for. On the other hand, Falconry is a sport that many people participate in and enjoy. The Falcons utilized in the game are bred in captivity and undergo extensive training. Falconry requires a strong passion for the activity and a commitment to provide the finest possible care for your birds.

Although anyone can become a Falconer, it is not a simple task. To obtain your first taste of the sport, you must find a seasoned and accomplished Falconer who will sponsor you and assist you. Then, to retain a bird, you must obtain multiple permits issued at both the federal and state levels in the United States. It’s a significant commitment, a lengthy process, and one that few individuals can see through to completion. However, if you want to learn more about falconry, you should contact the North American Falconers Association first.

User Questions

Is keeping birds as pets cruel?

It is not cruel as long as they are adequately cared for and given opportunities to come out of the cage and explore. Compared to their wild counterparts, their existence is relatively privileged if carefully cared about. They have a “haven,” their constantly available cage.

Which bird is suitable for keeping as a pet?

Budgies are one of the world’s most popular bird species. Budgies, often known as parakeets, are exceptionally friendly and affectionate birds. They are so adorable that people of all ages are drawn to them by their innocent appeal. These little birds are excellent pets and require little upkeep.

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Can I keep a wild bird as a pet, UK?

Keeping wild birds as pets are permitted in the United Kingdom, but severe restrictions and regulations must be observed. The sale of live wild birds and their eggs is one of them. The sale of wild birds that have died (including taxidermy specimens).

Are budgies illegal?

The exotic nature of the birds (non-native or indigenous) allows them to be marketed lawfully in India. The Wildlife Protection Act protects Indian birds from being sold as pets, but it does not protect Australian species like budgerigars, which have a thriving import trade.

Is it cruel to maintain a Budgie?

It is critical for Budgie’s health. For this exercise, you can build a large cage on the roof. Budgies in the wild have a life span of little more than 6 years, but when kept as a pet, their lifespan extends to 15 years. So it’s not at all unkind, as you can see.

Is it possible for a bird to go insane?

Yes, they are capable. Several parrot species can become mad because they often do not thrive in cages or captivity. This is frequently followed by the development of strange behaviors such as screaming and swaying or the development of intense fear.


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