Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin

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The Japanese chin is a good apartment companion because it is regal and little. This toy breed is ideal for mature owners looking for a dependable best buddy.

Japanese chins are regarded as loyal friends who demand little attention from their owners. These toy dogs are uncommon and somewhat unknown in the United States, but those with them adore the low-maintenance breed. With its reputation for independence and rubbing elbows with historic royalty, the Japanese chin will almost certainly persuade you that they are the genuine king or queen of the home.

Chin of Touché owner and renowned Japanese chin breeder Dale Martenson defines them as “bred for art.” These pint-sized pups make an extremely faithful best friend as pets originally intended as companions for nobility.

Martenson notes, “The Japanese chin doesn’t make a racket.” “They are courteous, interesting, and amusing, but they would never be unpleasant to others. Strangers are treated with respect, but their hearts belong to their owners. They’re like having a sarcastic best friend who will sit by you and whisper in your ear.”

Finally, the Japanese chin is a low-energy partner who enjoys being in the company of other calm people. They have a feline-like reputation, making them the ideal dog for someone who fancies themselves a “cat person” but desires a canine friend.

“It’s part of the tradition,” Martenson recalls, “that they were half-dog and half-cat.” “They’re perfect for those who want a super-attached cat.”

User Questions

Are Japanese Chins uncommon?

Why the Japanese Chin is still relatively rare and unknown is one of life’s mysteries. The Japanese Chin is one of the oldest breeds, and while its exact origins are unknown, descendants may be traced back to China or Korea around 1100 years ago.

Do Japanese Chins have a lot of bark?

Japanese Chins are alert, playful, and affectionate, yet they can also be complicated and opinionated. They are loyal to their loved ones, although they may distrust strangers. They get along well with other animals and, while they make ideal watchdogs, they aren’t noted for barking excessively.

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What is the price of a Japanese Chin?

It’s a tremendous responsibility to bring a Japanese Chin puppy into your family. This is the case because of the limited litter numbers and high demand for this breed. You should anticipate paying anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 when working with a reputable breeder.

When it comes to Japanese Chin dogs, how long do they live?

10-14 years

What is the size of a Japanese Chin?


8-11 inches


7-11 pounds

What are the colours of the Japanese Chin?

  • Red
  • Black
  • Fawn
  • White

The Japanese Chin spins for a reason.

Chins in Japan have an endearing tendency known as “the Chin spin.” They spin in circles when they are enthusiastic, often on two legs.

Is it true that Japanese Chins enjoy cuddling?

What It’s Like to Have a Japanese Chin. This breed is a laid-back and entertaining friend. They enjoy cuddling and are excellent lapdogs for caring owners. While they do not require much activity, they do require the majority of their time spent in the company of others.

What are the several breeds that make up a Japanese Chin?

The Japanese chin is an ancient toy dog breed that has descended from the Tibetan spaniel. Dogs resembling the chin have been discovered on ancient earthenware and ancient Chinese temples. The dogs look to be Chinese in origin. The Chinese Emperor has given the Japanese Emperor a pair of chins.

When does a Japanese Chin reach full maturity?

Until your Chin is over a year old, he will not have an adult coat. The coat of the puppy changes as it grows and matures. They can be almost nude during their adolescent stage (about 7 to 9 months old).

Is it simple to housebreak a Japanese Chin?

They are relatively easy to house train due to their natural neatness. They instinctively avoid filthy and odorous environments. Limiting their area until they have mastered the usage of the pads or litter box is an easy way to train them with house training pads or even a litter box.

Is it possible to leave Japanese Chins alone?

More than most other breeds, Japanese Chins require constant company and dislike being left alone for more than a few hours. They grow agitated, which they show by chewing and barking in destructive ways.

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Is it true that Japanese Chins are hypoallergenic?


Do Japanese Chins have a distinct odour?

The Japanese Chin is a relatively clean breed that does not require bathing regularly. Dry shampoos will keep them looking and smelling wonderful in most cases. Once a month is more than enough.

Are Japanese Chins trustworthy?

She’s your best friend, companion, and unwavering love supply. You probably chose her because you loved Chins and expected her to have specific characteristics that would fit your way of life: Sweet, compassionate, and sensitive are three words that come to mind when I think of you. She is devoted to her owners and is devoted to them.

Is it true that Japanese Chins have hair or fur?

The Japanese Chin has a long, silky single coat and sheds moderately. They regularly shed throughout the year; however, they shed a little more during some seasons, such as spring. Fortunately, because they’re a petite breed, they can only shed so much hair, and their coat is relatively easy to keep.


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