Jenday Conure

Jenday Conure

Here we can see, “Jenday Conure

The Jenday conure is one of the most popular medium-sized conures, ranking second only to the sun conure in terms of popularity but not personality or appeal. The Jenday belongs to the Aratinga genus, including the charismatic, friendly, appealing sun, gold-capped, half-moon (orange-fronted), blue-crowned, and mitred conures. The Aratinga conures are excellent companions for those who want a large bird but don’t have the space to keep one. These conures make up for their lack of size with personality, intellect, and affection.

The Jenday is similar in size and shape to the sun conure, but it has a green body and vivid orange and yellow head. Because the multicoloured head shows only in the mature bird, cut a photo of an adult Jenday from a book or magazine and put it next to your young Jendays, who will be mostly green with mottled yellow heads until they are around 2 years old.

User Questions

Is it possible for the jenday conures to communicate?

Conures, like larger parrots, imitate human speech, but most jendays do not “talk.” But that doesn’t mean they aren’t entertaining. Many pets learn to imitate typical household sounds like cellphones and microwaves. A flock of jenday conures in flight may be quite noisy; they frequently scream out.

What is the price of a Jenday conure?

A Jendaya conure can cost upwards of $600.

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Are jenday conures suitable for novices?

The Jenday is a cuddly cuddler who makes an excellent family pet, bonding with everyone in the house. The best quality of this bird is its strong attachment to its humans. This trusting bird can learn simple tricks and communicate, though it isn’t known for being an excellent talker.

Is it true that jenday conures are uncommon?

The bird has an extensive range, although locally scarce in the wild; in aviculture, they are known as “jenday conures.”

When it comes to jenday conures, how long do they live?

Over 30 years

What is the size of a jenday conure?


12 inches


100-130 grams

Jenday conures come in what colours?

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow

Is the Jenday Conure a threatened species?

Lowest Level of Concern (Population stable)

Is it true that Jenday conures are fertile?

They are bright, witty, and astute. They are resilient, prolific, and have lengthy reproductive lives as aviary birds – I’ve seen hens deposit fertile eggs at over 30 years of age.

Is the Jenday conure a noisy bird?

The Jenday, like most conures, is always noisy, with a raucous call that can irritate persons with sensitive hearing. It’s not too loud, so it shouldn’t bother your neighbours.

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My Jenday conure screams for no apparent reason.

They make a lot of noise! They are the most vociferous and loudest of the conures. They like to shriek and call loudly to attract attention and “stay in contact” with their human in other parts of the house. They will call till you react if they can’t see you.

Why do conures consume their faeces?

When parrots are deficient in nutrients, they consume faeces. Your parrot, for example, is only fed seeds. Stressed parrots burn more calories and require more vitamins thus;, they may consume their faeces to compensate. If your parrot is bored, it may consume its poop while foraging for food to keep it occupied.

When do conures begin to communicate?

At roughly 2-3 months of age, Green Cheek Conures can begin to mimic words.

Is it possible for conures to see in the dark?

Parrots have poor night vision due to a lack of rods and cones in their retina. Although parrots can see in the dark, their vision is poor. Consequently, it is your responsibility as the owner of a parrot to ensure that they are conformable and safe at night.


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