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The Karabakh Horse is the national animal of Azerbaijan, where it was born, and the official symbol of the Agdam and Shaki regions of Azerbaijan. The speed and even temperament of this mountain-steppe breed are well-known. Unfortunately, there are only about 1000 of these horses left today, and they are on the edge of extinction.

The Karabakh horse has played a vital role in Azerbaijan’s history and culture. The equine has been depicted in Azerbaijani literature and even on postage stamps.

The animal’s name comes from the Nagorny Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, where it was born. This region was known for producing high-quality horses, and this historic breed of saddle horses was produced from a mix of indigenous Azerbaijan breeds and Arabian types. Despite the addition of Turkmen and Persian blood to the strain, the traces of the Arabian gene are most clearly visible in them.

For decades, many studs and farms have produced and raised Karabakh horses in the mountains. These horses were also used to develop new breeds like Don during this time. However, this did not last long, as most of the farms and horse studs were destroyed during Iran’s invasion of Azerbaijan. As a result of this tragedy, the population of this breed has suffered a significant decline, with only a few purebred strains remaining.

Many selective breeding operations are currently being done to preserve the bloodline. None of them, however, has been successful.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of Karabakh horses?

35+ years

What is the size of a Karabakh Horse?


56 – 60 inches


617 – 772 pounds

Karabakh horses come in a variety of colours.

  • Grey
  • Chestnut
  • Buckskin
  • Bay
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Karabakh horses look to be graceful animals based on their appearance. They are attentive and courageous, but they are also kind and non-aggressive. The Karabakh is one of the most popular mounts and packs horses due to their active nature and eager loyalty. The Karabakh is recognised for its surefootedness and ability to manage steep terrain; it is also bold enough to face small pathways that can frighten other horses.

What is the name of a black horse?

Non-fading black horses are those that do not fade in the light. Some horse breeds, such the Friesian, Murgese, and Ariegeois (or Merens), are almost all black. The Fell pony, Dales pony, Ostfriesen and Alt-Oldenburger, Kladruber, and Groningen are all black.

What is the most populous horse breed?

The Shire is a British draught horse breed. It is typically black, bay, or grey. Shires are a tall breed, and they have held world records for both the most prominent and tallest horse at various times.

What are the signs that a horse is a Warmblood?

Warmblood horses are athletic horses produced by crossing cold, giant draught breeds with miniature, faster hot horses. They usually have a calm demeanour due to their cold-blooded ancestors’ athletic skill and their hot-blooded ancestors’ cold-blooded ancestors’ athletic ability.

Which horse breed is the fastest?

Thoroughbred. Thoroughbreds are the world’s fastest horse breed, reaching 70.76 kilometres per hour. For this feat, this breed holds the Guinness World Record.

What is the name of a brown horse?

The majority of horses labelled as “brown” by casual observers are bay or chestnut. In the absence of DNA testing, you can tell the difference between chestnut and bay by looking for black tips on the mane, tail, and legs.

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What do white horses get their name from?

Although white horses are occasionally referred to as “albino,” no actual “albino” horse has ever been documented, white horses are also referred to as “albino” in literature.

Friesians are cold-blooded, aren’t they?

A cold-blooded horse, the Friesians are. Friesians can be traced back to a cold-blooded Native forest horse as their ancestor. The remains of a horse like this were discovered in the Fries area of North Holland. Friesians were impacted and refined by barb blood during times of battle.

Are Mustangs a horse breed?

The Mustang is a wild horse currently found in western America. Mustang is derived from mesteo or monstenco, which means “wild or stray.” Initially, these horses were Spanish or descended from Spanish horses, but they evolved into a hybrid of many breeds through time.


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